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1-5: Commercial Accounts Receivable

Issued: 11-99
Revised: 4-01


The Commercial Accounts Receivable process is used to bill for services not involving regularly enrolled students. The Accounts Receivable Office has the primary responsibility for the commercial accounts receivable. Any College office or department performing services for an outside entity is responsible for transmitting to the Accounts Receivable Office written details of the service sufficient to generate a bill. A "Billing Request" form is available in the Accounting Office. If an office or department must generate their own billings, then a copy of the billing must be forwarded to the Accounting Office.


All Commercial Accounts Receivable shall be processed through the Accounts Receivable Office or processed by the campus department with copies provided to the Accounts Receivable Office. All billings (including grant billings) shall be done timely to ensure the College receives payments as quickly as possible.


A. Establishment of Commercial Accounts Receivable

A standardized "Billing Request" form is available from the Accounting Office. This information shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. The identity of the College department rendering the service and the name of the department head or person responsible.

2. The details and amounts of the charges. (For example, the number of participants, the cost of each, equipment, supplies, dates, etc.)

3. The name and address of the person or organization to be billed, including the name of a contact person, if appropriate.

4. The Fort Lewis College account number for the proper recognition of revenue.

B. The invoice number is "COM" plus the Organization number, for proper receipting. A copy of the invoice is retained in both the Controller's Office and the Cashier's Office. Upon payment, the receipt and the Cashier's copy of the invoice are forwarded to the Controller's office for retention.

C. Billing and Collections

1. The invoice is generated and mailed based on the information provided on the "Billing Request" form.

2. Follow-up billings, if required, are prepared on a monthly basis. Follow-up phone calls are also made at this point, if required.

3. Seriously past-due accounts will be referred to the State of Colorado, Central Collections Service as required by State Fiscal Rules.

4. At fiscal year end, journal vouchers are prepared to record the revenue and to set a receivable for accounts not collected by June 30th.

D. Adjustments

Billing adjustments made by a department shall be submitted to the Accounts Receivable Office.

E. Write-Offs

Write-Offs are implemented only after FLC and CCS efforts are determined to be unsuccessful and upon approval from the campus department and the State Controller's Office.