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11-4: On-Campus Solicitation and Vending

Issued: 2-87
Revised: 12-12

General and Definitions

No solicitation or vending is allowed on the Fort Lewis College (FLC) campus, including the residence halls, except for provisions listed below.

For the purpose of this policy, solicitation is defined as the act of:

  • distributing commercial literature (including fliers), coupon books, samples, and promotional items,
  • marketing for commercial purposes, and offering information about services or sales, and the like, or
  • seeking a donation (whether money, services, or tangible item).

Vending is defined as any transaction that involves the exchange of money for services and goods.


This policy does not apply to the following entities:

  • Business representatives who have been invited or approved by the FLC Office of Human Resources as part of employee benefits plan;
  • United Way annual campus-wide campaign;
  • FLC and/or its officially affiliated foundation and associations; and
  • FLC service contractors.

Approval Process

Any individual or group who is interested in solicitation and vending activity as defined above must make a reservation for a space.  Reservation requests must be submitted in a timely manner in order to allow sufficient time for scheduling and preparation.  Approval is not final until the appropriate fee is paid when applicable.

Reservations can be made on-line at or at the Office of Union Operations & Facilities Scheduling, Room 164 of the Student Union.  Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) should make their reservations through the Dr. Terry R. Bacon Leadership Center at

Prohibited Activities

No approval for solicitation and vending will be granted for the following activities:

  • Any activity that competes with existing campus businesses (e.g., postal service, bookstore) or businesses with which FLC has entered into an exclusive contract (e.g., food service, beverage/snack vending); or
  • Any activity prohibited by local, state and/or federal laws (e.g., solicitation for credit cards, sales or promotion of tobacco and tobacco-related products).

Rules and Procedures

Individuals and organizations granted an approval must follow the rules and procedures as follows:


Generally, the solicitation and vending areas are limited to the area adjacent to the Information Desk inside the Student Union and outside near the west entrance of the Student Union.  Other locations may be approved if available and relevant to the proposed activity.


Solicitation and vending activities are available, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., excluding final exams weeks and FLC official holidays.  Reservations outside of this time must be explicitly approved during the approval process.

Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  However, campus events, such as student government elections, student move-in days, student orientations, and homecoming, will have priority over all other non-college sponsored solicitation and vending activities.

Limitation and Fees

Generally, all groups, except RSOs, shall be limited to two days of solicitation or vending a month, in order to maximize access to the limited available space.  Current solicitation and vending fee schedule is available at the Office of Union Operations & Facilities Scheduling.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If cancellation of a reservation is necessary, groups must notify the Office of Union Operations & Facilities Scheduling as soon as possible.  Failure to do so may result in losing future solicitation and vending privileges.

If cancellation is made within two business days of the scheduled date, a refund less a cancellation fee will be made.  No refunds will be given for no shows or late cancellations.  Current cancellation fee is listed in the solicitation and vending fee schedule.


On the day of the approved activity, FLC will assign a space and provide a table.  Solicitors and vendors are restricted to their assigned table space and must remain behind their assigned table, in order to avoid blocking pedestrian traffic.  Materials should be displayed within their assigned space.  For outside locations, one pop up shade canopy up to 10x10 per group is allowed.  No other structure or display board larger than 2' by 3' is allowed.

Solicitors and vendors shall not disrupt normal FLC educational or business activities or impede pedestrian traffic or access to buildings.  Physically approaching or stopping anyone, shouting, or using an amplifier of any kind is prohibited.

Violation of these expectations may result in being asked to leave immediately without refund.  FLC reserves the right to refuse to grant future applications to individuals or groups in violation of this policy.  FLC students and RSOs may be subject to the Student Conduct Code proceedings for violations.  FLC employees may be subject to disciplinary procedures for violations.