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11-5: Commencement Speakers

Issued: 6-2000
Revised: 10-02


This purpose of this policy is to provide a systematic and consistent process for selecting commencement speakers.


The President, in consultation with members of the President's Cabinet, is responsible for selecting the commencement speaker for each of the three annual commencement ceremonies. It should be noted that commencement speakers provide the College the following opportunities: to showcase a particular College program or the entire College, to give recognition to a particular person, or to obtain positive publicity about the College and/or a particular program.

To obtain input for this decision, the President will meet with an advisory group consisting of the following: one faculty representative (appointed by the FEC Chair) and two graduating students (appointed by the ASFLC President). The President will consult with this advisory group, and the Cabinet, to determine the commencement speakers.

The winner of the Alice Admire Outstanding Teaching Award each year will be invited to be the commencement speaker for the December ceremony.