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11-6: Campus Posting

Issued: 1980's
Revised: 12-12

Posting information on campus is granted to those who complete the review procedures listed below.  The purpose of the review procedures is to facilitate the efficient and orderly use of posting spaces on campus.  It must be understood that Fort Lewis College does not endorse or support the event/information contained in the reviewed and stamped posting materials.

Posting Materials Review Procedures:

  1. All materials to be posted on campus, except in residence halls and apartments, must be reviewed and stamped at the Student Union Information Desk.
  2. All materials to be posted in residence halls or apartments must be reviewed and stamped by the Student Housing Office, 240 Miller Student Center.
  3. An original approval stamp with the last date of posting must be affixed to each copy of the material being posted.

Posting Protocols:

  1. All materials must clearly identify the sponsoring organization or individual and include contact information such as a phone number or email address.
  2. Materials can be placed only on "Open Posting" bulletin board surfaces. Items placed on any other surfaces, such as designated office bulletin boards, doors, windows, walls, windshields, sidewalks, floors, trees, etc. will be removed at the sponsoring organization"s or individual"s expense.
  3. Multiple copies of the same posting on the same space are not allowed.
  4. Postings past the stamped last date or past the event date will be periodically cleared without notice.


  1. All banners must be approved at the Student Union Information Desk.  Banners can be hung in the Recreation Lounge or wood beams at the West entrance to the Student Union by Student Union operations staff.
  2. Banners may also be hung outside of the Library on the railing with permission from the Director of the Library.
  3. A banner may be hung for no more than one week.


  1. Chalking may only be used to promote College programs or student activities.
  2. Chalking is restricted to concrete or asphalt exterior sidewalks that are exposed to natural elements.
  3. Chalking is prohibited within ten feet of any building entrance or doorway, including Clock Tower.
  4. Chalking must be done by using chalk that quickly fades away with the natural elements within several days.
  5. The College may erase, without notice, any chalked messages that do not comply with College"s policies.

Prohibited Materials for Campus Posting:

Regardless of the medium used, the following materials are not allowed for posting.

  1. Materials that promote alcoholic beverages (e.g., drink specials, drinking contests), drug use (including marijuana), or tobacco products.
  2. Materials that contain unprotected expressions such as libel, obscenity, or hate speech.

Failure to Meet Posting Policy Requirements:

Sponsoring organizations or individuals posting without approval or violate this policy will have postings removed.  Additionally, the organization or individual may lose posting privileges and may be subject to the Student Conduct Code proceedings.