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11-8: Active Duty

Issued: 11-90
Revised: 6-02


Fort Lewis College recognizes that certain situations may develop in response to a state or national emergency that require students to leave school due to circumstances beyond their control, thereby preventing the students from completing the current term. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, military reserve units or National Guard units called to active duty or firefighters who are called to provide services to the country. Fort Lewis College further recognizes that when a call for service or national emergency is issued, it may not be possible for students to comply with normal deadlines; therefore, Fort Lewis College has established the following policy to assist students under these circumstances in order to provide the most supportive stance possible. This policy is in compliance with CCHE's Tuition and Fees Policy.


A. Students who are called to active duty under the above circumstances will be referred to the Advising Center for assistance with leaving school and making academic decisions. The student may contact the Advising Center either in person, by mail, e-mail, or by telephone; however, written documentation of the student's orders must be provided before the following policy may apply.

B. Students, upon providing documentation of orders, will be exempt from the published withdrawal deadlines, and will be permitted full tuition and fee refunds or, when appropriate such as late in the term, allowed to take incomplete grades. The Advising Center will counsel the student or his/her designee concerning selecting the option that is most appropriate to that student's situation. If an incomplete grade is appropriate, the Advising Center will work with the student or designee and instructor to find a mutually agreed upon plan to complete the work.

C. The Advising Center will notify the Records Office of the student's decision and the Records Office will take the necessary action to arrange for incomplete grades or to withdraw the student with a full refund of tuition and student fees. For students who choose to withdraw, the effective date of the withdrawal will be the date that the student completes the withdrawal using WEBOPUS or the date the Records Office is notified of the need to withdraw. CCHE tuition and fee policy allows institutions to include in-state students who are called to active duty in the FTE report during the semester they are called to active duty.

D. Fort Lewis College policy states that incomplete grades will automatically be changed to 'F' grades after one year; however, students who have selected incomplete grades under the conditions of this policy will be allowed to petition the Vice President for Academic Affairs to change the relevant 'I' or 'F' to a 'W' or petition to extend the term of the incomplete grade. No refund of tuition and fees will be granted when a student selects the incomplete grade option.

E. Students living on campus must complete the appropriate cancellation form to cancel their room and board contracts. Charges will be pro-rated on a daily basis based on the date the student leaves campus. No termination penalty will be assessed, and the $100 deposit will be refunded minus any charges for damage or other miscellaneous obligations to the College not otherwise addressed in this policy.