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11-9: Dogs on Campus

Issued: 1-03
Revised: 12-06


Dogs are not allowed on the Fort Lewis College campus. The only exceptions to this policy include dogs that are on the premises for instructional use and certified service animals for people with documented disabilities.


Dog owners who are not in compliance with this policy may be issued a City of Durango ticket or a Fort Lewis College ticket.


It is mandated that all event organizers using campus facilities or grounds must abide by this policy.

Any advertisements for events held outdoors on campus must read: "No dogs allowed on campus."

The organizers of the events held on campus are responsible for not allowing dogs at their events. If a dog owner refuses to remove the dog when requested, then the event organizers or their staff should call Campus Police.

It is expected that all faculty, staff and students abide by this policy by not bringing their dogs on campus.