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12-1: Grant Application Process

Issued: 1-14-74
Revised: 7-05


To set forth policies and procedures for the filing, review, approval, and submission of grant applications to sponsors from Fort Lewis College faculty and staff.


A. Applicability
This policy applies to all faculty and staff who are responsible for the submission of a grant application.

B. Planning and Approval
If you are writing a grant proposal, the Grant Approval Form must be completed and accompany the proposal when obtaining approval for submission. It is intended to enable the College to efficiently assess the impact of your proposed grant on the institution and to allow appropriate resource planning to support your project. This form is available online at Planning and Approval Form. Please contact the Office of Grants Management for assistance with this form.

C. Budget
The budget for the grant request will be developed in consultation with the Office of Grants Management, Budget Office, and appropriate Dean or Vice President. It must have approval prior to final completion of the grant request.

D. Submitting Grant Proposal and Copies
After the Planning and Approval Form is completed a copy of the original grant proposal and the Planning and Approval Form must be submitted to the Office of Grants Management.

E. Approval
Upon approval of the grant request by the sponsoring agency, a copy of the grant agreement, award letter, contract, or other document indicating approval will be transmitted to the Office of Grants Management with a completed Project Data Sheet. A printable form is available online at Project Data Sheet or by contacting the Office of Grants Management or the Controller's Office. (See Policy 12-2, Sponsored Grants & Contracts Budgeting/Accounting/Reporting linked here)


Principal Investigator, Director of the Office of Grants Management, Director of the Computer Center (as needed), Department Chair or next level Supervisor, Dean or Appropriate Vice President, Budget Office, Controller's Office, Vice President of Advancement (as needed), Vice President of Business and Administration, Provost, and President.

To download the Grant Approval Form and Project Data Sheet please visit the Sponsored Research web site.