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12-3: Grants Incentive

Issued: 6-95
Revised: 7-05

I. Purpose

To establish a grants incentive policy to encourage Fort Lewis College faculty and staff to engage in sponsored research activities.

II. Overview of Policy

A. This policy will become effective with the 2006-07 fiscal year.

B. All indirect cost monies from grants, contracts, and agreements will go into the Collegeâ¿¿s General Fund to help defray additional costs that accrue to the College due to the activities required by the grant or contract.

C. The College will provide funds to the appropriate academic school and department that generated the proposal in the year after the indirect costs have been recovered. This policy will be phased-in as follows:

FY 2006-07: School 20%, Department 10% of funds collected in FY 2005-06

FY 2007-08: School 25%, Department 15% of funds collected in FY 2006-07

FY 2008-09: School 25%, Department 25% of funds collected in FY 2007-08

After 2008-09: School 25%, Department 25% of funds collected in the prior fiscal year


These distributions are only for grants and contracts which are to academic entities (i.e â¿¿ programs and departments associated with an academic department).

D. It is the responsibility of each school and department to set forth their own internal distribution policy subject to review by the Dean and Provost. It is expected that at least half of the departmental share will be spent by the grantâ¿¿s principal investigator. Some examples of how this money may be utilized are for items such as travel, supplies, summer research stipends for students, and matching funds for grant proposals. These funds can not be utilized for faculty or principal investigator salary or stipends.

Please note: Small grant matching (< $5,000) will be expected from the school or department. The Provostâ¿¿s Office will no longer receive or distribute funding for small grant matching.

E. Each department or school receiving grant incentive funds will annually report expenditures to the Budget Office Director.

F. The Collegeâ¿¿s indirect cost distribution policy will be reviewed annually for fiscal compatibility with the institution.

G. The indirect cost distribution schedule set forth applies only to grants that are to academic entities for research, curricular development, and programmatic needs.

H. For other programs that are not associated with an academic department and are institutional in nature (e.g. â¿¿ TRIO programs) all of the indirect costs will go to the general fund.