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13.1:  Trademark Licensing

Issued: 01-11

  1. Purpose
    It is important that Fort Lewis College project an image of excellence and cohesiveness to all audiences. The Fort Lewis College names and marks have trademark protection.
  2. Policy
    Fort Lewis College, like most major colleges and universities, has a licensing program that regulates the use of its marks in publication, on the internet, on signage and on apparel and gift items such as uniforms, t-shirts, caps, key chains, mugs, backpacks, etc. Every individual and entity including organizations, clubs, teams, groups, offices, departments, etc., must use a licensed vendor to produce anything that has Fort Lewis College marks on it. Those who profit commercially from the sale of products with Fort Lewis College marks will pay an 8% royalty fee based on the wholesale price (and must use a licensed vendor). Any use outside of what is outlined here, and on the Fort Lewis College Licensing website, is prohibited.
  3. Use of a licensed vendor
    Any printed material, apparel or novelty item bearing the Fort Lewis College name or any of its marks, must be printed, embroidered, manufactured, etc. by a licensed vendor. Artwork will go through an approval process through the licensed vendor. Click here for a list of approved vendors.
  4. The licensing of vendors
    Only vendors licensed with Fort Lewis College are permitted to manufacture Fort Lewis College trademarked products. Vendors become licensed by going through an application process with:
    Tayler Sandberg, Brand Management Representative,
    Learfield Licensing Partners
    8900 Keystone Crossing, Suite 605
    Indianapolis, IN 46250

  5. Implementation period
    Effective July 1, 2011, all products manufactured with Fort Lewis College marks must be produced by a licensed vendor.

Revision History:
On October 6, 2015, contact information for section "4. The licensing of vendors" was changed from "SMA, Inc., Keri Sackowski to "Tayler Sandberg, Brand Management Representative, Learfield Licensing Partners.