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4-10: Employee Separation

* Issued: 10-10-96
* Revised: 7-05


This policy documents the employee separation procedure.


Employees who are eligible for benefits must complete an employment separation process with Fort Lewis College. This process gives them necessary information regarding their benefits and compensation and also informs other departments who may be affected by the employee's departure. The responsibilities for different steps of the separation process are described below:


A. Office of Human Resources/ (OHR)

1. Provide Employee Separation Clearance Sheet (linked here) to each supervisor or dean.

2. Conduct separation interview with each separating employee eligible for benefits. The interview will cover reasons for separation, review of benefits information, and retirement information if applicable.

3. Monitor Employee Separation Clearance Sheet process for each separating employee.

4. Maintain college data base for each separating employee.

B. Supervisor/Dean

1. Distribute Employee Separation Clearance Sheet to separating employee (deans should provide clearance sheet to those part-time faculty who may not be returning the next term).

2. Inform employee of separation process, including requesting letter of resignation, if applicable.

3. Notify OHR of separation and any necessary payroll actions.

4. Collect any department equipment.

C. Separating Employee

1. Give written notification of separation to supervisor at least two weeks prior to separation date.

2. Make appointment with OHR for separation interview.

3. Secure necessary signatures for clearance on Employee Separation Clearance Sheet within 10 days or the next pay date, whichever is sooner.

D. Other Departments as Designated*

1. Research any outstanding fines and/or materials and collect from the separating employee.

2. Sign Employee Separation Clearance Sheet when arrangements for collection have been made.

*Designated departments include:
Athletic Department
Physical Plant
Computer Center


A. This policy is effective November 1, 1996.

B. The separation clearance process should begin at least two weeks prior to effective date of separation.


Employee Separation Clearance Sheet