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4-11: Exempt Employee Leave Recordkeeping

* Issued: 7-1-95
* Revised: 7-05


This policy documents procedures for recording exempt staff leave accrual and usage.


Exempt staff employees at Fort Lewis College accrue leave as defined in the Exempt Staff Handbook. Use and accrual of leave must be reported and tracked.


It is the responsibility of:

A. Office of Human Resources (OHR)

1. To provide Exempt Leave Reporting Slips to supervisors of exempt staff.

2. To receive and log signed and completed Exempt Leave Reporting Slips from supervisors.

3. To record amounts of leave taken by each exempt staff employee in the human resources data base. ( See procedures section.)

4. To monitor accuracy of leave accruals.

5. To notify employees and supervisors if employee is nearing the maximum allowable leave balance.

6. To adjust balances at the end of the fiscal year in accordance with the Exempt Staff Handbook policies regarding leave.

7. To monitor Family Medical Leave usage and compliance.

B. Supervisor

1. To ensure each exempt staff employee under his/her supervision completes Exempt Leave Reporting Slip for each month of employment.

2. To approve and sign completed Exempt Leave Reporting Slips.

3. To forward Leave Reporting Slips to Office of Human Resources.

C. Employee

1. To monitor leave balances as reported on paystub in WebOpus for accuracy; notifies OHR when errors occur.

2. To inform supervisor and OHR when Family Medical Leave is applicable.


This policy is effective July 1, 1995.

A. Exempt Leave Reporting Slips will be distributed to the President and Vice Presidents no later than July 15 of each year.

B. Exempt Leave Reporting Slips will be turned in to the OHR by the 5th of each month for the previous month.

C. Memos will be sent to employees regarding possible forfeiture of leave by the last day of April each year.

D. Memos will be sent to employees who forfeited leave by July 31 of each year.