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4-13: Tuition Reduction Benefit Program for Spouses and Dependent Children

* Issued: 4-13-95
* Revised: 8-30-04


The purpose of this policy is to establish a tuition reduction benefit program for spouses and dependent children of Fort Lewis College employees.


The Tuition Reduction Benefit (TRB) Program for Spouses and Dependent Children was approved by the State Board of Agriculture on April 13, 1994 and subsequently approved by the Board of Trustees for Fort Lewis College.


The spouse and/or dependent child (children) of an eligible employee shall be eligible to receive a tuition reduction benefit if admitted to the College and enrolled in a degree program. The spouse and/or dependent child/children of an exempt employee (faculty & professional) or state classified employee who dies while an eligible employee shall continue to be eligible for this program until the dependent child reaches the maximum age for eligibility or, in the case of the spouse, until remarriage. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours per term in order to qualify for this award.


Eligible Employee: All exempt and non-temporary state classified employees of 50% time or greater.
Dependent Children: Defined as natural, step, adopted or foster child under the age of 24 who is considered to be a "dependent" and/or who resides in the employee's household.
Termination of Eligibility: Separation of employment, except in the case of death, shall terminate eligibility for scholarships as of the end of the academic year in which the separation occurs.
Tuition Reduction Benefit: Twenty-five percent of in-state tuition as defined in the current catalog for regular on-campus courses.


Applications must be processed in accordance with the requirements established within the Financial Aid Office for this program.