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4-5: Consecutive Appointments for Part-Time and Full-Time Temporary Positions

Issued: 3-88 
Revised: 7-05 


This document outlines policy for filling part-time and full-time faculty or exempt staff temporary positions by consecutive appointment (and otherwise) .


Procedures for initial appointment to faculty or exempt staff positions at Fort Lewis College shall be consistent with the Affirmative Action policies or guidelines as stated in the Affirmative Action Handbook. 


A. Part-time Appointments

1. Applicants are appointed on a single term basis. They can receive consecutive part-time appointments. 

2. Applicants shall be selected from the current applicant pool. (This pool will be updated based upon semi-annual advertising.) The department chair must check the applicant pool each term before making a hiring decision.

B. Full-time Appointments

1. Full-time temporary appointments are made for up to one year.

2. Regular search procedures, as described in the Affirmative Action Search Handbook, will be followed for the initial appointment.

C. Procedures for Consecutive Appointments Without Advertising

1. The search committee chair will consult with the appropriate Dean/Director concerning the appointment.

2. A written request for the proposed appointment shall be forwarded through the Dean/Director to the appropriate Vice President for approval.

3. The Coordinator for Equal Opportunity must give consent for a full time appointment without a search. This request shall be forwarded to the Coordinator for Equal Opportunity from the appropriate Vice President.

4. The formal contract offer can be made when the steps above have been completed.