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5-5: Facilities Use Policy

  • Issued: 03-31-05
  • Revised: 08-06-08


The facilities of Fort Lewis College are the property of the State of Colorado, and their use is subject to all applicable state laws, rules, and regulations. The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures to ensure optimal utilization of college facilities.


All Fort Lewis College buildings and space are subject to assignment and reassignment to meet the overall needs and best interests of the institution. Each individual and unit must recognize the authority of the College to assign space in all buildings in an effort to meet changing needs. To promote efficiency and optimal utilization, this policy is designed to ensure (1) effective decision making, (2) accurate record keeping, and (3) communication among users, service providers and decision makers concerning utilization of campus space and facilities.

For purposes of this policy, college facilities means all physical spaces on campus. This includes all buildings and the spaces within buildings, parking lots, fields, clock tower, picnic shelters, amphitheater, and all other spaces where events may be held or that may require services.


A. The President and Vice Presidents make all decisions on the use of college facilities.

B. Facilities Use Committee:
i) The Facilities Use Committee is chaired by the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs. It has one representative from each of the following departments:

Conferences Services

Computing & Telecommunications

Physical Plant Services


Facilities Scheduling

Members are appointed by the Vice President of their area.

ii) Charge

a) In consultation with the Provost and Vice Presidents the committee will develop, implement and communicate policies and procedures as necessary to achieve the purposes of the Facilities Use Policy.

b) In consultation with the affected parties, the Facilities Use Committee will review all

(i) Uses of new facilities
(ii) Changes in uses of existing facilities,
(iii) Changes to existing facilities, including structural and equipment changes

The committee will make recommendations to the Provost and Vice Presidents on these uses and changes.

c) Provide data, analysis and recommendations as requested.