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5-9: Accessibility Procedures - Residence Life

  • Issued: 7-91
  • Revised: 7-98


The purpose of this policy is to provide accessibility to Residence Life Housing Office.


The Residence Life System recognizes the need to provide service and information to students who have physical disabilities and who are unable to come to the second floor Residence Life/Housing Office in Miller Student Center.

The following procedures will insure accessibility for all students to Residence Life staff members. Persons wanting to discuss on-campus housing matters may:

A. While visiting another campus office (i.e. Admissions, Records), request that office personnel to telephone ahead to the Housing Office (7503) and Residence Life staff will meet student as arranged.

B. Utilize the courtesy telephone in the Native American Center or the courtesy phones in the hallway outside thr Records office to telephone the Residence Life Office (7503) for assistance. Both are located on the first floor of Miller Student Center.

C. Telephone the Housing/Residence Life Office (247-7503) prior to visiting the campus and set an appointment to meet with Residence Life Staff.

On-campus Housing information is also available at the Anasazi Apartment Office (located across the road (East) of the Fine Arts Building).

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