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6-14: Telecommunications

* Issued: 08-1989
* Revised: 08-2005


This policy describes various aspects related to management of the College's Telecommunications system.


A. Telephone Access Codes.

All College employees who use College telephone equipment to make business related long distance calls must have their own individual telephone access code. Departmental access codes, used by several individuals, are not allowed. Telecommunications will provide monthly reports of billing code usage to department heads with budget responsibility. Telephone access codes are to be used only for College-related business; personal long distance calls may be made using a personal credit card or by reversing the charges.

B. Telephone Credit Cards.

College long distance calling cards are available to College employees with approval of their department head. These calling cards are not for on-campus use. Long distance calls originating on-campus should be placed using the employee's individual telephone access code. Departmental calling cards used by several individuals are not allowed. Telecommunications will provide monthly reports of credit card usage to department heads with budget responsibility.

C. Annoying Telephone Calls.

The Vice President of Student Affairs is directly responsible, in consultation with the Director of Public Safety and the Director of Computing and Telecommunications, for determining appropriate action in the event that annoying or harassing telephone calls are made to Fort Lewis College students and employees on the campus. Possible actions include assertively discouraging the caller, changing the student's telephone number, disconnecting the student's telephone service for a period of time, or monitoring the affected telephone number in an attempt to ascertain the source of the annoying calls. It is a crime under both state and federal laws for anyone to make threatening, abusive, obscene or harassing telephone calls. These laws have penalties of imprisonment and/or a fine. In addition, it is a violation of the Student Conduct Code of Fort Lewis College.

D. Cellular Phones

Please note: Section 'D' has been replaced by '2-11: Cell Phone Policy'.

E. The Telecommunications department is funded as a revolving fund

The intent is to pay for systems and services associated with Telecommunications through user fees. Long-distance callers are charged for their usage in accordance with rate tables provided by long-distance carriers. Other services, such as telephone and data communications lines, are charged back at monthly rates that are adjusted from time to time. When the Telecommunications department receives a request for activation or deactivation of a service, it is the policy of this department to actualize the requested service within five business days, provided that existing facilities are adequate. The requesting department will be charged for the entire month in which the service is activated or deactivated. Current monthly rates are established as follows:

Types of ServiceMonthly Charge
Faculty/Staff Telephone line$34.00
Dormitory/Courtesy Telephone line$13.40
Terminal line$8.25
Network Workstation Connection$6.20
Tree Voice Mailbox$5.20