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6-15: Assistive Technology

* Issued: 05-2000
* Revised: 


The purpose of this policy is to outline Fort Lewis College's responsibility to provide assistive technology for students and employees with documented disabilities as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.


This policy was reviewed and approved by the President's Cabinet.


Fort Lewis College will use assistive technology to provide reasonable accommodations. Services are based on individual circumstances and focus on the adaptation of existing resources.

The Disability Services Coordinator will collect documentation and determine eligibility for specific accommodations. The Disability Services Coordinator will inform Information Technology of the needed accommodations. Information Technology is responsible for the set-up and maintenance of the assistive technology devices.

Faculty and staff members requiring assistive technology services will be referred to Human Resources.

The student is responsible to inform the Disability Services Coordinator or the person responsible in a particular department that the materials or services are not accessible and accommodations are needed. This notification needs to allow a reasonable amount of time for the accommodations to be arranged. All areas (department involved, Disability Services, Information Technology) will work together to provide these reasonable accommodations.

Specific procedures for the implementation of the Assistive Technology Policy for students with documented disabilities and a list of available assistive technology devices may be found in the 'Assistive Technology Procedures' guide which can be obtained from the Disability Services Office or found by selecting Disability Services Webpage.