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6-5: Banner Access

  • Issued: 08-1991
  • Revised: 04-2000


This policy outlines the ownership of, and approval process for providing access to, the Banner administrative information systems.


Data stewardship is the responsibility of all employees of Fort Lewis College. The Office of Computing and Telecommunications administers the assignment of accounts, passwords, and database access, and performs system backups. Each user department authorizes access to all central information system data "owned" by that department. Particular individuals are granted access to forms, reports, and processes that query, add, modify, or delete certain Banner data elements.

Ownership of Banner data, forms, reports, and processes is assigned to the administrative department directly responsible for the particular functionality. For example, the Records office "owns" registration data, forms, reports, and processes.

Employee Banner accounts typically include a disk quota, electronic mail access, access to certain network resources, and certain default Banner accesses. Banner accesses for employees should be restricted to only those forms, reports and procedures that are necessary to perform job functions. The department head (or designee) who owns the particular data is responsible for approving any access to additional forms, reports, or processes that are not included as part of a typical Banner account. The Office of Computing and Telecommunications administers such accesses upon approval of the requesting department head.

By default, users do not have direct access to Banner tables. Typically, access is mediated through a "view," "form," or other application capable of enforcing various constraints on data content.

Computing and Telecommunications personnel, because they are assigned to administer the system, have access to accounts with the most comprehensive system access. These accounts ("privileged accounts") are used only when their broad access is required. Permission of the department who owns particular data is required before Computing and Telecommunications personnel modify these data. Attempts to modify particular Banner data are logged. Normal accounts, without broad privilege, are used in the ordinary performance of duties, whenever such accounts provide the means to accomplish the job.