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7-3: HIV and AIDS

Issued: 12-87

* Revised: 10-05 


Fort Lewis College community members recognize that the HIV epidemic affects all of humanity and are concerned about the effects on the college community. As such, Fort Lewis College recognizes the need for policies and programs to:

- promote wellness
- promote HIV education
- support those affected by HIV and AIDS
- promote prevention of and information about HIV transmission
- provide testing for HIV


As education is the primary mission of Fort Lewis College, this institution is committed to making education regarding HIV infection and AIDS available to all community members. Education will include topics on prevention, testing, and support for those affected. To meet these goals, Fort Lewis College will follow these guidelines:

A. Academic departments are encouraged to include current HIV education in appropriate curriculum.

B .Programs will be developed through the Student Affairs Student Wellness Program to provide educational opportunities to students and staff and to promote awareness of HIV. Programs may be provided in a variety of formats to different target groups.

C. The Student Wellness Program will maintain resources such as films, brochures and speaker lists for students, staff and peer educators to utilize in educational programming.

D. The FLC Health Center will provide professional staff development and education to ensure high levels of current knowledge regarding HIV.

E. The FLC Health Center will provide HIV education on an individual basis or to groups, as requested.

F. The Counseling Center will provide individual counseling and stress management services as needed to persons living with HIV and AIDS and those affected.


The FLC Health Center is committed to providing HIV testing with pre and post test counseling using the State of Colorado laboratory standards. These tests are available to students, faculty and staff of Fort Lewis College. HIV and medical records are confidentially maintained. Referrals can be made to other agencies for testing upon request.

The Health Center will provide limited medical services for students with the HIV virus. For services beyond the scope of the Health Center, students will be referred to other medical providers in the community. Fees will be charged and paid as for any other illness.

The Counseling Center will provide services for students diagnosed with or affected by HIV infection in the form of support, consulting, referral and individual counseling.


Fort Lewis College strives to maintain safe environments for working and learning. Fort Lewis College policy provides for Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Training. Universal precautions and safety guidelines are included in this training which is offered to all faculty, staff and employees who have potential exposure to body fluids.


When circumstances demand that institutional decisions be made regarding a person with HIV/AIDS, these decisions will be made on an individual case basis. Representatives from Fort Lewis College offices such as the Health Center, Counseling Center, Student Wellness Program, Housing and Residence Life, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Services for Students with Disabilities, and the FLC Police Department will be utilized when appropriate.

HIV infections fall within the legal category of "Handicapping Conditions" according to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Persons with HIV infections cannot be denied access to college facilities, classrooms, work places, housing, or any college program or service, as long as they are not in conflict with other college policies and are physically and mentally able to function in those settings with reasonable accommodation. HIV positive status has no bearing on an individualâ¿¿s admission to or studentâ¿¿s current status at Fort Lewis College. HIV positive status is not used as a screening for employment at Fort Lewis College or as a reason for dismissal from such employment.


Fort Lewis College condemns all occurrences of emotional or physical abuse, or harassment, of persons with positive HIV status or AIDS. Existing policies and procedures through the Office of Equal Opportunity for the investigation of allegations of harassment or discrimination will be used. Information on the process is available from the Office of Equal Opportunity, 455 Berndt Hall.


FLC Health Center247-7355
FLC Counseling Center247-7212
FLC Student Wellness Program247-7072
FLC Office of Equal Opportunity247-7666
FLC Services for Students with Disabilities247-7459
San Juan Basin Health Department 247-5702
Western Colorado AIDS Project 243-2437 or 1-800-756-8594
Colorado AIDS Project (outside Denver)1-800-333-AIDS
American Red Cross 259-5383
Planned Parenthood247-3002
Southwest Mental Health 259-2162

FLC Health Center (confidential)247-7355
San Juan Basin Health Center (confidential) 247-5702
Planned Parenthood (anonymous)247-3002