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9-13: Driving Vehicles on Campus Sidewalks and Fire Lanes

Issued: May 26, 2004

The objectives and requirements for driving all authorized motorized vehicles on campus sidewalks and fire lanes are identified below. Authorized vehicles include Fort Lewis College service vehicles (excluding golf carts) operated by Admission, Athletics, Central Stores, Conference Services, Physical Plant Services and Fort Lewis College Police; and vehicles operated by maintenance and construction contractors and vendors.

1. Objectives

a. Keep sidewalks safe and clean for pedestrians by minimizing vehicular traffic on sidewalks.

b. Preserve appearance of the campus by minimizing damage to landscaped areas.

2. Definitions

a. Fire Lanes: Paved surfaces 20 feet wide intended primarily for pedestrian use and to provide vehicular access to College facilities, primarily for fire department vehicles.

b. Sidewalks: Paved surfaces less than 20 feet wide intended primarily for pedestrian use.

3. General Policy for Driving Vehicles on Campus

a. Utilize the paved streets and graveled roads for access.

b. Park vehicles in designated service vehicle parking spaces or in marked vehicle spaces in parking lots.

c. Do not drive on lawn areas. Vehicles easily damage the lawns and irrigation systems.

d. Buildings accessible by exterior roads must be accessed by those exterior roads (e.g., Berndt Hall, Education Business Hall and Chemistry Hall are accessible by exterior roads) for routine deliveries (e.g., Central Stores, Campus Dining, vending, etc.).

e. The driver of a vehicle that tracks mud, oil or debris on a sidewalk or fire lane is responsible to clean up the ⿿mess⿝ as soon as possible, immediately if practical.

4. Conditions for Driving on Campus Sidewalks and Fire Lanes

a. Driving vehicles on sidewalks and fire lanes is only permitted when essential to accomplish work and then only on the fire lanes and sidewalks as identified on the Service Vehicle Parking And Building Access map. This map is available through the Physical Plant Service Center in the Physical Plant Building. When the need to drive on any other sidewalks or fire lane arises, review the need with your supervisor, determine an acceptable plan of action and obtain authorization from the Fort Lewis College Police for the plan of action prior to driving on those sidewalks or fire lanes.

b. Parking is not permitted on sidewalks. Parallel parking only is permitted on the 20 feet wide fire lanes when essential. Parked vehicles shall not impede pedestrian traffic, emergency vehicles or create any access problems. If more than one vehicle must be parked at the work location on the fire lane, then all other vehicles must be parked on the same side as the first vehicle parked at the location. Minimize the number of vehicles at a work site through ride sharing.

c. Do not block access to a building entrance when unloading materials for a job. Immediately after unloading materials, move the vehicle to an approved location.

d. The speed limit on sidewalks and fire lanes is 5 mph. Do not exceed the 5 mph limit.

e. Use extreme caution when driving on the sidewalks and fire lanes.

f. Pedestrians and people using non-motorized vehicles always have the right-of-way.

g. All gates at entrances to interior sidewalks are to remain closed and locked, except during business hours. The only exceptions are: during pre-scheduled events that necessitate opening these gates (such as for visiting varsity team access), residence hall move-in, and any other events upon the authority of the Campus Police Chief. Times are approximate based on police officerâ¿¿s schedules.