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9-14: Repair, Renovation, Alteration, Modification and Construction of Facilities

Issued:  01-12


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all Fort Lewis facilities remain in compliance with the various codes and regulations and that the College adheres to procedures established by the Office of the State Architect and the Colorado Commission for Higher Education when making any additions or alterations to facilities.


Any repair, renovation, alteration, modification of an existing facility or any construction of a new facility must follow policies and procedures established by the Office of the State Architect and the Colorado Commission for Higher Education.  This includes any change in egress or path of travel, alteration to a wall, door, window, or ceiling; modification of any building mechanical, electrical, fire alarm or fire protection system; and any change in use or occupancy classification of an interior or exterior space.

All repair, renovation, alteration, modification or construction of College property shall be accomplished by personnel under the direct supervision of the Projects Office in Physical Plant Services.  Anyone making such modifications without written approval of the Director of Physical Plant Services will be responsible for all costs associated with restoring the facility to its original condition.

All modifications to structural members must be reviewed and approved by a licensed structural engineer.  These modifications include any cutting, drilling or attachment to any interior or exterior structural member or any increase in loads.

Normally all projects with a total labor and material cost of over $1,000 will be accomplished through a qualified contractor following established procedures.  In some cases, it may be cost effective to accomplish part or all of a project with Physical Plant personnel.  Each project will be evaluated on an individual basis.

All contracts with private firms for design services and/or construction services shall be administered by the Physical Plant Projects Office following applicable State purchasing rules and procedures established by the State Architect.  This policy applies whether the funds are from College departmental budget (General Fund and auxiliary enterprises), the Fort Lewis College Foundation, capital construction funds, private donors, or other sources.  Any services provided as a gift-in-kind must be coordinated through the Projects Office.


Funding from the State may be provided for capital construction (new buildings, major renovations or additions) or controlled maintenance (larger building maintenance projects).  These projects and priorities are identified in the annual capital request and controlled maintenance request prepared by the College and submitted to the State each year.  State funding is only available for general fund facilities.

With the exception of State funds it is the responsibility of the department requesting the repair, renovation, alteration or modification of a facility to obtain funding for all work that they request.  Institutional funds may be available.  Requests for use of institution funds should be made through the appropriate dean, director and vice president.  Request for institutional funding of small projects must be received by Physical Plant by October 15th of each fiscal year to allow adequate time for the review and approval process.  Funding decisions will be made by January 15th to allow sufficient lead time for project completion prior to the start of the next academic year.

In some cases the Project Office may be able to render an opinion of probable cost based on similar projects, unit costs, etc.  For unusual or complicated projects it may be necessary to hire a design professional to conduct a feasibility study to provide a cost estimate.  The expense for this service shall be paid for by the requesting department.


All requests for Physical Plant Services start with a work request submitted utilizing TMA.  The request will be reviewed by the Physical Plant Service Center.  Routine requests for normal operations and maintenance work, including minor alterations that do not involve structure or do not affect egress or path of travel, will be directed to the appropriate Physical Plant Shop.  All other requests involving the repair, renovation, alteration, modification of an existing facility or construction of a new facility, change in use or space classification, new or exclusive uses of College land and the installation of any sculptures, monuments, artwork, memorials or any other site features will be assigned a work order number and will be passed onto the Advisory Committee on Facilities for review.

To initiate the formal review process, the Advisory Committee on Facilities (ACF) will require a completed PPS-Project Approval (part 1) form.  The information provided on this form will provide the basis on which to evaluate the request and determine what steps will be necessary to complete the project.  After review by the ACF, minor projects that have been determined to have no or minimal impact and cost less than $5,000 will be returned to Physical Plant for assignment to the appropriate department.  A project request may be returned to the requesting department for modification if the ACF determines the project would have a negative impact on the College.

Any project costing over $5,000 and for all projects involving a change in use or space classification, new or exclusive uses of College land and the installation of any sculptures, monuments, artwork, memorials or any other site features will be reviewed for initial approval by the Projects Committee consisting of the President, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Vice President for Student Affairs, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Budget Director.  Representatives of Physical Plant may serve as advisors to the Projects Committee.  This review must take place before the project is seriously discussed with advisory groups, prospective donors, or any other organization outside Fort Lewis College.  Upon initial approval, the requesting entity will be required to complete and submit to the Projects Office a PPS-Project Approval (part 2) form.  The Projects Office will review the form and make a recommendation to the Projects Committee.  The Projects Committee will approve, disapprove or modify the request and establish the priority the project should be given.

The ACF may recommend other projects that do not meet the above criteria to also be presented to the Projects Committee if in their judgment the project is a significant change or could have campus wide implications.

Project Execution

Once a project has the required approvals, the Project Management Office will take the necessary steps to initiate the planning, design and construction of the project.  No financial obligations will be made by the Project Office until all necessary approvals have been obtained and a project budget has been established.  The Project Office will retain documents generated during the planning, design and construction process in the official project file.

Affect on Other Policies:

This policy replaces policy 9-3: Capital Construction Project Files â¿¿ Maintenance and Management and policy 9-4: Modification of Structural Members.