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9-7: Key Policy and Procedures

Issued: 1-15-90
Revised: 6-01

The purpose of this policy is to maintain security of State of Colorado and Fort Lewis College (FLC) property and to insure the safety and security of FLC students, residents and employees.


A. General Guidelines

1. It is the responsibility of each person who is issued a key to assist in maintaining security. Safety and security of students, faculty, staff and property take priority over the convenience of the key holder.

2. Keys are issued only to persons associated with FLC and to authorized contractors for the specific contract period.

3. All locks used to secure State of Colorado and FLC property shall be approved by the FLC Locksmith and keyed to the College system. Keys will be identified and provided only by the FLC Locksmith.

4. Department cost center directors will bear ultimate responsibility for proper use of keys by people within their department. Costs associated with key misuse, loss, or non-return, which cannot be collected from the key holder, will be borne by the department.

5. Special Security Needs: Physical Plant Services (PPS) provides support for the FLC Master Key System. All special security systems, like the one in the Art Gallery or Center of Southwest Studies, are the responsibility of the user. PPS will provide as much support as possible for special security systems. The costs for materials and contracted services related to special security systems are the responsibility of the user.

B. Authorization Levels:

1. Faculty & Staff: Keys are issued to faculty and staff only to the extent necessary for them to perform their jobs properly. Keys are issued solely for use by the faculty and staff to whom they are assigned. All key(s) must be checked into the Physical Plant Services (PPS) Service Center when duties no longer necessitate use of key rather than held or passed on to another employee.

2. Students: Keys will be issued and assigned to students only to the extent necessary for them to perform their jobs or assignments properly. They will be issued on a trimester basis only. Keys must be turned in on the last day of the trimester by 4:00 p.m. to the PPS Service Center.

3. Contractors: Keys will be issued and assigned to the general contractors only to the extent necessary for them to perform their specific projects properly.

C. Authorization Guidelines:

1. The Fort Lewis College Key Request Form is available by selecting:
Key Request Form. Print a copy and complete the form with requested information and signatures, then submit it to Physical Plant Service Center.

2. When a key request affects two or more departments, the appropriate Vice President(s), Dean (s), Director(s), and/or Department Chair(s) of all facilities involved shall sign the key request.

3. Authorization for key requests shall be provided at the lowest level access possible.

4. Separate keys will be issued rather than a master key whenever possible.

5. Keys shall not be transferred from one individual to another.

D. Key Management

1. Building Keys for Contractors - Keys will be checked out by the general contractor for each job with an FLC Key Request Form supplied by the PPS Service Center. More than one set of keys can be issued to the same general contractor using the same Key Request Form. The general contractor will be responsible for issuing keys to all their sub-contractors. Keys may be issued to sub-contractors with a letter of authorization from the general contractor for the project.

2. Key Replacement - The costs for replacement of lost or stolen keys are described under "Charges." Damaged or worn keys will be replaced at no charge, providing the old key is returned to the PPS Service Center and shows no evidence of intentional abuse.

3. Unauthorized Locks - All locks used to secure State of Colorado and FLC property on the campus shall be approved by the FLC Locksmith and keyed to the FLC Master Key System. Any unauthorized lock (for which a key or combination is not on file in the lock shop) may be cut off to gain access to State property with no reimbursement to the owner. Costs to remove and unauthorized locks shall be borne by the department using the locks. Replacement costs will vary, depending on the level of security compromised and in accordance with the "charges" section of this policy.

4. Unauthorized Keys - Unauthorized keys will be treated as lost keys and re-keying charges will be assessed.

5. Key Duplication - All keys issued by FLC are marked appropriately. Duplicate keys which are unauthorized and are turned in or confiscated will be treated as lost keys and all re-keying charges will be assessed.

6. Key Audit - As a verification of key records, a key audit may be performed either on a department or an individual basis. Key audits will verify that all keys assigned to an individual are still in his or her possession. Department audits will verify all individuals who have been issued keys by this department.

7. Charges:

a. The standard charge to replace a key is $7.00. The standard charge to re-key a lock is $35.00 per lock, with one new key provided. If it is necessary to re-key a number of locks, the charge will be the total of all expenditures required to complete the re-keying. The charge will not exceed the amount computed by multiplying the number of locks re-keyed times $35.00 per lock. In cases where locks have been vandalized, the charge will be a total of all expenditures required to restore/replace the damaged materials.

b. It is FLC policy that students who fail to pay financial obligations when due are subject to termination of student status at FLC. FLC will not register a student, nor provide a transcript to any student or former student, with a past-due financial obligation to the FLC.

c. FLC is required by the State of Colorado to submit all delinquent accounts to Central Collections at 60 days past due. Should this become necessary, reasonable collection costs will be added to the amount due and shall be paid by the debtor. If the State of Colorado obtains a judgment from a court of competent jurisdiction, the debtor shall be liable for the collection agency fee as well as reasonable court costs and attorney's fees.

d. The general contractor will be responsible for returning all keys at the completion of a job or "Final Retainage" will be held until all keys are returned or the building(s) re-keyed and the costs for re-keying are paid.

Key Request Form