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Policy identification number: ACCT-0001

File: Business & Finance Policies > Accounting Service Policies

Cash Disbursements

Policy Summary

All disbursements must be for College business purposes only and must be necessary and reasonable, as well as usual and customary.

Policy Owner

Vice President, Finance & Administration

Approval Date

April 25, 2018

Effective Date

April 25, 2018

Search Terms

cash disbursements, vpfa, c

Scheduled for Review

Spring 2023

I. Policy Statement

1. Allowable Purchases  

Regardless of the payment method, all payments must adhere to the following requirements:

    • The expense is an authorized College Business Expense per the FLC Fiscal Rules.
    • The amount of the expense is supported by adequate documentation (i.e. receipts, invoice, correspondence, or other documentation). 
    • The purchase has required Approvals (signatures) of appropriate FLC personnel.

The Controller’s office has ultimate authority to determine that this policy has been properly followed.

2.  P-Card and Event Card Purchases

Payment for authorized transactions to be paid by Fort Lewis College should be processed with a P-Card, except for instances where a fee is charged or where the P-card is not accepted.  Travel expenses shall be paid on the Event Card when one is available.  A personal credit card may be used for travel expenses.

No disallowed purchases will be allowed on any college-issued card.  Disciplinary action will be taken against any employee who makes disallowed purchases.

3.   Check Request

Check requests are limited to initiating a payment for services or goods that cannot be processed through the use of a P-Card or where an Event Card is not available.  A disallowed purchase will be the personal obligation of the individual making the purchase.

 4.    Approvals

The following approvals are required for all requests:

    • Requestor - the employee responsible for initiating request.
    • Director/Dean/VP - the individual authorized to approve expenditures for the account.
    • Purchasing Agent – the purchasing office who reviews the expenditure for compliance with State and FLC purchasing policies.

5.      Independent Contractors

The following documentation is necessary to support payments to independent contractors: Vendor Invoice, W-9, Client List, Independent Contractor Checklist, and information on PERA Retirement status. 

    • Employees will not be reimbursed if they pay an independent contractor directly.
    • Existing Employees will not be paid for services to the college as in independent contracting, unless approved by the Controller.

6.     Purchase Orders (PO)

Purchase Orders are required for certain purchases per the FLC Fiscal Rules.  After goods and/or services have been received in the College accounting system by Central Receiving, an invoice must be forwarded to the Accounts Payable department with an approval to pay.

 7.    Travel Reimbursements

Travelers must submit an approved Travel Authorization form to Purchasing and receive a college travel number prior to scheduled travel. Upon completion of College travel, a travel reimbursement form must be completed for reimbursement of allowable travel costs incurred in accordance with FLC Fiscal Rules section VII: Travel.

II. Reason for Policy 

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines in accordance with the College policies for disbursements to external parties.  

III. Responsibilities 

For following the policy: All employees and students purchasing on behalf of the college

For enforcement of the policy: Controller, Director of Purchasing

For oversight of the policy: Vice President for Finance & Administration

For notification of policy: Policy Librarian

For procedures implementing the policy: Controller, Director of Purchasing   

IV. Definitions 

P-Card – A MasterCard credit card designed to make allowable, small dollar purchasing more efficient. 

Event Card – A MasterCard intended to for travel, for departments with substantial travel expenses.

Check Request – a request for payment that provides information on the expense, including accounting information for processing.

V. Procedures

All expenses submitted for disbursement must be actual, reasonable, necessary and within policy guidelines. Each person requesting/authorizing/making a disbursement is responsible for:

    • Obtaining and submitting original receipts necessary to support all P-card purchases;
    • Accurately completing the Check Request form for disbursements;
    • Accurately completing the travel reimbursement form for reimbursement of allowable travel costs and obtaining and submitting receipts necessary to support all travel reimbursements requested

Departments and administrative assistants shall assist the employee in completing the check request for disbursements.  The department is responsible for forwarding the Check Request to the appropriate Dean or Vice President for approval.

VI. Consequences of Non-Compliance

Expense may not be reimbursed if the policies above are not followed.

VII. Revision History

April, 2018 - Policy updated into new format. Original policy filed in archives