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Advising - Undergraduate

All first-time freshman, transfer, and former students are advised by a matriculation advisor. Subsequently, students are assigned either a Faculty Advisor or a Professional Academic Advisor & Student Success Coach as a primary advisor.  All continuing students must consult with their primary advisor at least once a term to review their progress towards graduation and plan course selections for the next terms. Continuing students will not be allowed to register until they have consulted with their primary advisor. 

Change of Faculty Advisor

Students assigned to a Faculty Advisor may change their Advisor by filing a Change and Declaration Form with the Registrar’s Office. Both the student’s signature and new advisor’s signature are required on the form (unless the student requests assignment of an advisor).

Change of Professional Academic Advisor & Student Success Coach

Students assigned to a Professional Academic Advisor & Student Success Coach may not change their advisor.

Definition of Academic Advisor

If a procedure requires approval of an “academic advisor,” the faculty or staff member assigned as the primary advisor must give approval.

Revision History

On Aug. 27, 2014, an editorial change was made in the first sentence to replace "by the Office of Admission and Advising" to "by a matriculation advisor."   On Aug. 25, 2015, edits were made throughout the statement to reflect that  students in majors participating in the Student Success Center Demonstration Project have been assigned Professional Academic Advisors & Student Success Coaches  as their primary advisors.