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Affiliated Faculty Members

Policy Summary

This policy explains the contributions and requirements necessary for an individual to be granted affiliated faculty member status at Fort Lewis College.

Policy Owner

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Approval Date

February 21, 2018

Effective Date

February 21, 2018

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Scheduled for Review

Spring 2023

I. Policy Statement

  1. Fort Lewis College may name an individual as an affiliated faculty member if the contributions of the individual will be substantive and sustained in achieving the mission of the department and the College.  
    1. Examples of such contributions are:
      1. teaching regularly scheduled classes;
      2. mentoring students;
      3. serving as a principal investigator on research grants;
      4. serving as a visiting scholar;
      5. participating in joint programs with Fort Lewis College faculty; and
      6. providing guest lectures in classes or assisting in outreach activities.
  2. Duration
    1. Affiliated faculty status should be used for collaborations that are expected to be for a period greater than one year. The duration of the status (up to five years) will be specified in a letter of appointment generated by the appropriate Dean or Provost and given to the affiliated faculty member. Affiliated faculty status will automatically terminate after five years unless renewed by the Dean or Provost. The status may be extended through the issuance of a new letter of notice. Affiliated faculty status, however, can be revoked at any time by the Dean or Provost. Similarly, the affiliated faculty member can terminate the relationship with Fort Lewis College at any time.
  3. Determination of Rank
    1. Affiliated faculty may or may not carry academic rank. In order to hold rank, the individual must have held rank previously. Determination of rank will be at the discretion of the Dean or Provost, with consultation with the department. The Provost must approve exceptions to the guidelines and changes in rank. 
  4. Compensation and Concurrent Appointments
    1. An affiliated faculty member is not an employee and may not receive compensation from the College for services performed. However, an affiliated faculty member may receive compensation for teaching as an adjunct in accordance with the College's policies and with approval of the department and Dean and/or Provost. An affiliated faculty member may hold multiple concurrent affiliated faculty appointments and may also be employed by or receive income from other entities. 
  5. Personal Reimbursement
    1. An affiliated faculty member who incurs expenses in connection with his or her service to Fort Lewis College may receive reimbursement from the College for such expenditures in accordance with College policies and appropriate approvals. 

II. Process to Initiate Affiliated Faculty Status

  1. A departmental request to name an affiliated faculty member may be submitted to the Dean and Provost and include a letter of justification and a copy of the candidate's current resume or vita. The chair of the department should consult with the departmental faculty and indicate their support in the letter. If approved, the Dean or Provost will provide the faculty member a letter of appointment to Affiliated Faculty Status with a copy to the department chair. The Provost or Dean may also initiate this process with consultation with the affected department.
  2. Following the Dean’s approval, the department makes sure that the affiliated faculty member completes all necessary Human Resources paperwork. The faculty member’s personnel file will include the following and be kept in the Office of Academic Affairs.

    1. Copy of the department's justification letter, which includes a description of the collaborative activities to be assigned to the faculty member, the proposed rank and rationale, and the faculty member's credentials;

    2. Copy of the final affiliated faculty notice letter, signed by the department chair, Dean, and the faculty member; and 
    3. Copy of the faculty member's current CV.

III. Periodic Review

The department chair will review the appropriateness of continuation of affiliated faculty status no less than once every three years, consistent with college review policies. The department chair is expected to be aware of and hold individuals accountable for activities associated with their Fort Lewis College affiliation. Documentation of such a review will be maintained in the department and in the Provost's office. 

IV. Privileges

An affiliated faculty member is eligible for a College ID card and associated privileges, such as joining recreational facilities, purchasing parking permits and using library services. An affiliated faculty member is not eligible for employee benefits, such as sick and vacation leave or medical, dental, or other employee insurance programs. 

  1. Sponsored Research
    1. An affiliated faculty member is eligible to be a principal investigator on sponsored research activities with prior written permission from the department in which he or she is appointed and with the concurrence of the office of Sponsored Research and Federal Regulations. 
  2. Faculty Senate Participation
    1. An affiliated faculty member does not have voting privileges for representation in the Faculty Senate.  

V. Reason for Policy 

Affiliated faculty member contributions will be substantive and sustained in achieving the mission of the academic department and the College. This policy explains the collaboration scope, application protocol and privileges granted to affiliated faculty members at Fort Lewis College.

III. Responsibilities 

For following the policy: Department Chairs, Faculty and Affiliated Faculty Members

For enforcement of the policy: Deans and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

For oversight of the policy: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

For notification of policy: Policy Librarian

For procedures implementing the policy: Deans and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

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