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Policy identification number: 11-23

File: Facilities & Physical Plant Policies > Facilities Policies

Designated Lactation Rooms

Policy Summary

Designated lactation rooms are available on campus.

Policy Owner

Dean of Student Engagement

Approval Date

September 1, 2023

Effective Date

September 1, 2023

Search Terms

vpsa, d, l, n, designated, lactation, nursing, mothers

Scheduled for Review

Fall 2028

Policy Statement

Fort Lewis College faculty, staff, students, and visitors who are nursing and/or lactating, but do not have a private office or access to a private space, have the option of using one of our designated private rooms on campus during business hours. Designated Lactation Spaces include:

· Schlessman Family Hall (SFH) Rm 1046

· Education Business Hall (EBH) Rm 155

Nursing and/or lactating individuals are responsible for bringing what they need and cleaning up after each use. Storage for milk and equipment is unavailable in these spaces. Rooms are available on an as-needed basis, if both campus rooms are in use, please contact one of the below individuals to find you another space on campus:

1. Kate Suazo, Title IX Coordinator

2. Erin Beezley, HR Director

Reason for Policy 

Provide designated and private lactation room(s) for faculty, staff, students and visitors who are nursing and/or lactating.


For following policy: Fort Lewis College faculty, staff and students and visitors who are nursing and/or lactating
For enforcement of policy: Title IX Coordinator
For oversight of policy: Dean of Student Engagement and Human Resources
For notification: Policy Librarian
For procedures implementing policy: Title IX Coordinator

Revision History

This policy supersedes 11-23 Designated Lactation Rooms approved August 14, 2013 by the President upon recommendation of the President's Cabinet. This revised policy was approved 9/1/2023.