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Employee Code of Ethics

Exempt Staff Handbook, November 29, 2000

2.66 Code of Ethics

Each person in the Colorado State University System:

  1. Shall serve the public with respect, concern, courtesy, and responsiveness;
  2. Shall demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, truthfulness, and honesty and shall through personal conduct inspire public confidence and trust in the System;
  3. Shall recognize that personal gains from public service are limited to respect, recognition, salary, and normal employee benefits;
  4. Shall not use public service to bestow any preferential benefit on anyone related to the public official by family, business or social relationship;
  5. Shall not disclose or use or allow others to use confidential information acquired by virtue of System employment for private gain;
  6. Shall not accept any fee, compensation, gift, payment of expense, or any other thing of monetary value, under circumstances in which the acceptance may result in:
    1. An undertaking to give preferential treatment to any person;
    2. Any loss of complete independence or impartiality; or
    3. The making of a governmental decision outside official channels;
  7. Shall not engage in outside employment unless the outside employment is disclosed to the President of the Institution or the employee’s immediate supervisor and the outside employment does not interfere with the performance of System duties;
  8. Shall not use state, time, property, equipment or supplies for private gain;
  9. Shall carry out all duties as a public servant by exposing corruption in government wherever discovered; and
  10. Shall support equal access and employment opportunities in the System by all citizens regardless of age, sex, race, ethnic or national origin.