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Foundation Scholarships

Policy Summary

The Fort Lewis College Foundation offers a variety of scholarships funded by our generous donors. This policy states the requirements for the award, disbursement, renewal, cancellation, and reinstatement of Foundation Scholarships awarded for the 2018-19 academic year. 

Policy Owner

Vice President for Advancement

Approval Date

December 22, 2017

Effective Date

January 1, 2018

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Scheduled for Review

Fall 2018

I. General Requirements for Foundation Scholarships

  1. Student must be admitted and be seeking their first bachelor degree.
  2. Student must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits by census date for each fall and spring semester for a scholarship disbursement.
  3. Student must complete a minimum of 30 credits per year (summer semester may be included).
  4. For the initial award year for freshman only, a minimum of 24 earned college-level credits by the end of the summer semester will allow for renewal.
  5. Due to limited number of awards available, not all students who meet minimum criteria will be awarded a Foundation Scholarship.

II. Length of Award

  1. The maximum time allowed for students to receive Foundation Scholarships is 8 semesters, or a total of 120 credits.
  2. Remaining scholarship disbursement criteria is based on donor suggestions in conjunction with the College's Financial Aid policies, to ensure alignment with College policies and practices.
  3. Students planning to graduate after the Fall Semester will receive only the Fall portion of an awarded scholarship.

III. Application Criteria

  1. The deadline for submitting a Foundation Scholarship application is February 1.
  2. Scholarship applications submitted on or before February 1 will receive priority consideration.
  3. Applications received after the February 1 will be put on a waiting list that remains active until the fall census date in September.     
  4. Priority consideration will be granted to returning students wishing to reapply for a scholarship awarded during the previous academic year, provided they continue to meet scholarship requirements and resubmit an updated application annually.

IV. Evaluation and Approval

  1. Student applications are evaluated by the Foundation Scholarship Committee.
  2. Applications are ranked and scored based on the following criteria:
    1. grade point average;
    2. student submitted essay;
    3. financial aid status; and
    4. an overall evaluation of achievements and goals.
  3. Students with the highest score receive first consideration for scholarships.
  4. The Foundation Scholarship Manager works with the Scholarship Committee to grant preliminary approval of scholarship awards.
  5. The Scholarship Manager presents the Foundation Executive Board with:
    1. number of applications;
    2. total funds required from both unrestricted and restricted funds;
    3. current cost of attending Fort Lewis College; and
    4. a fund balance report.
  6. The Scholarshp Manager receives final approval of total scholarship expenditures from the Foundation Executive Board.

V. Notification of Award

  1. Notification of Award
    1. The Foundation Office will send a Notification of Award letter to the student scholarship recepient, on or before March 15, that includes a response deadline to submit a typed thank you letter and completed acceptance form.
    2. The Foundation notifies the scholarship donor by letter, accompanied the student's thank you letter.
    3. With student approval, donors are provided with student contact information.
    4. Student scholarship recepients are required to attend the College's annual Benefactor's Event, to honor scholarship donors
  2. Failure to Respond to Notification of Award
    1. If the student misses the response deadline, they will receive email and phone call reminders to submit the thank you letter and completed acceptance form.
    2. If no response continues, the student will be mailed a letter from the Foundation, stating that the award has been rescinded
      and reasons why.
    3. The award is then offered to another scholarship applicant.

VI. Renewal Criteria

  1. Once a scholarship is approved and the student is notified, the Foundation Scholarship Committee will not revoke the award unless the student:
    1. refuses to comply with Foundation policies;
    2. no longer qualifies for the scholarship criteria;
    3. has other scholarship awards that exceeded the cost to attend FLC.
  2. Students are evaluated annually to ensure they continue to meet scholarship award criteria.
  3. Student must reapply each year to be considered for a scholarship renewal.

VII. Scholarship Appeals

  1. To appeal a scholarship adjustment or cancellation, students must file an Institutional Tuition Scholarship Appeal.
  2. Visit the College's Institutional Tuition Scholarship Appeals webpage to learn more about the appeals procedure, deadlines, review process and notification of outcomes.

VIII. Scholarship Cancellation

  1. A Foundation Scholarship could be cancelled if the student:
    1. fails to meet renewal criteria during evaluation;
    2. fails to meet disbursement requirements by census date;

    3. fails to attend Fort Lewis College continuously;
    4. exceeds length of award;
    5. fails to confirm enrollment by deadlines;
    6. receive full or partial benefits from an outside agency.  

IX. Reason for Policy

To specify the requirements for award, disbursement, renewal, cancellation, and reinstatement of Foundation Scholarships awarded for the 2018-19 academic year. 

X. Responsibilities 

For following the policy: Foundation Scholarship Recepients

For enforcement of the policy: Scholarship Manager, Director of Financial Aid

For oversight of the policy: Vice President for Institutional Advancement

For notification of policy: Policy Librarian

For procedures implementing the policy: Scholarship Manager