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Policy identification number: IT-0004

File: Information Technology Policies

Installation and Funding of Computer Software in Academic Computing Labs

Policy Summary

To establish standards and deadlines related to software in academic computing labs.

Policy Owner

Vice President, Finance & Administration

Approval Date

April 24, 2018

Effective Date

April 24, 2018

Search Terms

  vpfa, a, 6-19

Scheduled for Review

Spring 2023

I. Policy Statement

1. A standard set of software for general use will be established and maintained by Information Technology. Software will be added to this list in consultation with the Information Technology Committee (ITC). This software is funded centrally.

2. A limited amount of freeware will be allowed with a one-year expiration date. The requestor will have the ability to extend the expiration for one year.

3. Some software is discipline specific, i.e. used in the curriculum of a specific department or multiple departments. Such software will be assigned a three-year expiration, which is renewable if the software is upgraded. The appropriate dean or deans in combination fund this software.

4. The following software installation request deadlines apply. For fall, installation requests should be in by July 1. For winter, installation request should be in by December 1. For summer, installation request should be in by April 1. Software is requested to be added to the lab image by filling out an installation request form.

5. All software must be compatible with the current operating system in the computer labs.

II. Reason for Policy 

Fort Lewis College provides a standard set of software for general use by Faculty, Staff and Students. Many other discipline specific software packages are installed in academic computing labs and made available to the all Faculty, Staff and Students. Managing the number of packages installed is critical to the smooth operation of the labs. No software packages will be installed on the network without long term funding or an expiration date. In order to provide a consistent working environment, three windows of opportunity for software installations will be established. All software has to be compatible with the current operating system. It is necessary to provide guidelines for software purchases and installation in order to efficiently and fairly utilize resources for all departments.

III. Responsibilities 

For following the policy: All employees

For enforcement of the policy: Director, Information Technology

For oversight of the policy: Vice President for Finance & Administration

For notification of policy: Policy Librarian

For procedures implementing the policy: Director, Information Technology

IV. Procedures

Procedure for Implementation are found at:

V. Revision History

April 24, 2018:  changed deadline for requests and formatted to new template