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File: Academic, Instructional

Learning Management System

Policy summary

This policy sets forth the minimum requirement use of the learning management system for all credit-bearing courses.

Policy Owner

Provost and Vice President
for Academic Affairs

Approval Date

October 16, 2013

Effective Date

2014-2015 Academic Year

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Scheduled for Review

Under review - spring 2020

Policy Statement  

This policy applies to all courses offered by Fort Lewis College and to all faculty, staff, students, and others who use the learning management system.

Minimum Required Use for All Credit Courses

Students are to be provided with access through the College’s LMS to:

  1. The current course syllabus;
  2. The course gradebook contained within the learning management system with the recorded grades of course assignments/assessments and mid-term grades. 

Appropriate Use Policy

  1. All users of LMS must adhere to the College’s Acceptable Use of Information Technology Policy (
  2. Illegal content or content that is in violation of the College’s policies or contractual agreements shall be removed from a course account if requested by the instructor of record or other appropriate Academic Administrator. Students wanting offensive or illegal content removed from a course will need to appeal their case to the course instructor. All instructors of record will be notified of the removal.
  3. Fort Lewis College is not responsible for the accuracy, integrity, and/or legality of the content uploaded to the LMS by its students, staff, or faculty. The College is not responsible for content linked from LMS to external web sites.
  4. Delivery and access to copyright materials in LMS must comply with Copyright Law (Title 17 of the United States Code
  5. All users of LMS must not use the system for purposes other than College-affiliated activities.
  6. All employees who have access to student information in the LMS are required to adhere to the safeguards included in the College’s Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) Policy to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of protected student information. 
  7. All users of the LMS are responsible for maintaining the security of usernames, passwords and any other access credentials assigned.  Access credentials may not be shared or given to anyone other than the user to whom they were assigned. 

User Management and Access

  1. All users of LMS must access the system through a designated account which will be issued by Information Technology Services and is the same as the user’s Fort Lewis College network username and password.
  2. The instructor(s) of record and students enrolled in a course as listed in the SIS will have access to the course site in the LMS. 
    1. The instructor of record may submit a request the Director of eLearning to enroll additional users to a course and specify that user’s role.
    2. The SIS will manage student enrollments including adding new students and removing students who withdraw from the course or College.
    3. For the purposes of program review and assessment of the major, department chairs (or equivalent) or their designee will have access to view the usage reports, learning outcomes reports and analytics pages for courses within their department/program.
    4. Access to the LMS shall be disabled for users who display inappropriate behavior, per the College’s Acceptable Use of Information Technology policy and other policies that define appropriate conduct for College employees and students.

Course Management

  1. A course site in the LMS will be made available for all courses listed in the SIS six weeks prior to the start of the upcoming semester.
  2. Course sites will appear in the LMS on the accounts of the faculty currently assigned to the course section in the SIS. Course sites in the LMS will be made available to students two weeks prior to the start of the semester.
  3. Two weeks after the end of a semester/session, courses will conclude (be set to read-only) for students and faculty.
  4. Faculty, staff and students may request development, training or community sites in the LMS. Requests should be sent to the Director of eLearning.

Reason for Policy

To improve student success by providing students access to essential course requirements, materials, resources and other relevant information through the College’s learning management system.


  • Course Materials:  Course content, curriculum materials, or learning activities that are created, purchased or licensed for use, and utilized by College employees in the performance of their duties.
  • Instructor of Record:  The individual listed in the Student Information System (SIS) as the instructor for a cours.e

  • Academic Administrator:  Department Chair (or equivalent), Academic Dean (or equivalent).

Cross-Referenced Policies