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Policy identification number: To Come

File: Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Policy summary

This policy establishes a framework for strategic and operational decision-making.

Policy Owner

 Board of Trustees 

Approval Date

 February 13, 2015 

Effective Date

February 13, 2015

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Scheduled for Review

 Fall 2017

Policy Statement

  1. Fort Lewis College’s role and mission in the Colorado public higher education system has been established by the General Assembly as “a public liberal arts college, with selective admission standards with a historic and continuing commitment to Native American education.  In addition, the college may offer professional programs and a limited number of graduate programs to serve regional needs.”
  2. Consistent with this statutory authority, Fort Lewis College’s strategic and operational decisions will be guided by this mission statement:  “Fort Lewis College offers accessible, high quality, baccalaureate liberal arts education to a diverse student population, preparing citizens for the common good in an increasingly complex world.”
  3. The mission statement will be reviewed and either affirmed or revised during the College’s strategic planning process, which occurs approximately every five years.
  4. Other public statements to guide institutional action, including, but not limited to, a vision statement or core values statement, may be promulgated by the President if they are consistent with the mission. These statements will be on the same review schedule as the mission statement.

Reason for Policy 

This policy provides an official statement of the mission, which establishes a framework for operational decision-making and planning, pertaining to, but not limited to, admission standards, academic programs, co-curricular programs, and student assistance programs.


For following the policy:  All employees.

For enforcement of the policy:  President

For oversight of the policy:  Board of Trustees

Cross-Referenced Policies

C.R.S. 23-52-101, “College established – role and mission – governance”

Revision History

The mission statement was approved by the Fort Lewis College Board of Trustees on December 7, 2005.  This policy re-states the mission statement, provides its context, and establishes a regular review.  For other reference, see the 2012-16 strategic plan and H.B. 02-1419.