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File: Advancement Policies

Official Constituent Database

Policy Summary

The database managed by the Division of Institutional Advancement serves as the official database for FLC Constituents.

Policy Owner

Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Approval Date

August 26, 2015

Effective Date

August 26, 2015

Search Terms

vpia, c, d, constituent, database

Scheduled for Review

Fall 2020

Policy Statement

  1. The College designates that Banner will serve as the official alumni, friend, and advocate Constituent Database for Fort Lewis College, and that information will be maintained and managed by the Division of Institutional Advancement through its Advancement Services unit. Shadow databases are prohibited.

  2. The campus community is responsible for the sharing of alumni and friends' contact information with Advancement Services, which in turn, is responsible for data entry, data hygiene, and responding to data extraction requests in a timely manner.

Reason for Policy 

To maximize human and fiscal resources as well as to insure accuracy of relevant information about alumni, friends and others for purposes supporting the College’s mission and initiatives. 


For following policy: All faculty and staff
For enforcement of policy: Manager of Advancement Services
For oversight of policy: Vice President for Institutional Advancement
For notification: Policy Librarian
For procedures implementing policy: Manager of Advancement Services


Data Hygiene: Any activity related to ensuring the accuracy of information stored and used as a part of the Official Constituent Database.

Data Extraction: The process of providing usable data in the form of reports, spreadsheets and/or donor contact lists.

FLC Constituents: Graduates, former students, friends, benefactors, civic and government officials, and the like.

Shadow Databases: Information collected, maintained and utilized by departments, offices or individuals. Most often, these types of databases are in individual spreadsheets or email lists.


Contact Advancement Services to establish a customized work plan to transfer and manage data to meet your needs.

Process for Data Integration

    • Meet with the Manager of Advancement Services to discuss the data, how it will be integrated into Banner, timelines for integration, and office/unit reporting needs.
    • The source office/unit will deliver the data to Advancement Services.
    • Advancement Services will notify appropriate persons when the data is functional.
    • Access to read-only screens will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Process for Data Extraction

    • Requests for information updates or reports, or other information management requests, related to alumni, donors, prospects, and other relationships should be made via email to the Manager of Advancement Services. Requests for reports or lists will be fulfilled within two weeks.