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The College expects strict compliance with the state, city, county and campus traffic rules and regulations from all students, faculty, staff and visitors.  These traffic rules and regulations are issued under authority of Colorado Revised Statutes 23-5-107.

  • Students, faculty, and staff may purchase permits online, or Police & Parking Services in Aspen Hall across from the Physical Plant, north end of campus, south of the golf course
  • Faculty and staff are notified in August regarding the payroll deduction parking permit option.
  • Purchase a permit and display it inside the lower left- or right-hand corner of your windshield, fully visible, to avoid a $30.00 fine for No Permit, or a $15.00 fine for Improper Display.
  • Permits may be transferred between cars in the same family's household, but may not be transferred or sold from person to person.
  • If one has multiple vehicles, each permit is full price.
  • Permit holders are responsible for citations incurred by vehicles displaying their permit.
  • The registered owner of a vehicle can be held responsible for parking fines even if they are not driving the vehicle.
  • Your permit is valuable; after you purchase your permit, you are responsible for its safekeeping.  If you are in an accident, your car is sold, your windshield replaced, etc. you must remove your permit and put it on your next vehicle or on your new windshield.
  • The College is not responsible for lost or stolen decals; however, a prompt report to Fort Lewis College Police may result in the recovery and return of property 
  • Permits may be purchased in advance of deadlines, and are also available throughout the year.  Plan on purchasing a permit prior to deadlines, or before bringing a vehicle to campus.  
  • The deadline for displaying permits on vehicles parked on campus is Monday at 8:00 am, one week (7 days) after the first day of class for the Fall and Winter terms.
  • Vehicles in metered spaces must pay for metered parking, even if a valid permit is displayed
  • Parking lots and parking permits are designated as “Commuter” or “Residential.”  These designations are shown on the campus map, and there are corresponding signs in the parking lots.  The fine will be $30 for a commuter parking in a residential space or a resident parking in a commuter space.
  • Commuter parking lots are designated as no overnight parking.  Please call Campus Police & Parking if you must leave a vehicle overnight.
  • Visitor spaces are for visitors' vehicles only - not for students, faculty or staff

Parking Permit Fee Schedule:

Motorcycles and Scooters

$40.00 per year (Sept - April).   $20.00 per one term only (Fall or Sprig trimester). Motorcycles must park in designated motorcycle parking areas. Scooters are also required to obtain a parking permit.


$120.00 per year.  $60.00 per Fall or Spring trimester.  Automobiles must park in designated parking lots and parking spaces only.

Green Permit Program

In keeping with the development of its Sustainability Action Plan, Fort Lewis College is implementing comprehensive strategies that address the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions including those related to transportation.

  • There is a 20% discount off the permit price for vehicles that score at least 40 on the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) annual vehicle rating guide, Green Book ®, for emissions and fuel-economy standards
  • Click on this link to view the list of qualifying vehicles.
  • These decals are NOT transferable, and can be paid for via payroll deduction.

Daily and Temporary Parking Permits

  • Daily permit machines are located:  on Fort Lewis Drive between East 8th Avenue and Goeglein Gulch Road; and East 8th Avenue on the "front hill" leading to Fort Lewis College.  Both locations are at the information display boards and do accept both credit/debit cards, and cash.
  • Cost is $3.00 for up to 4 hours and $5.00 for the entire day.
  • Daily Permits are also available at Aspen Hall or at the Skyhawk Station.
  • Temporary permits and permits for special circumstances are available at Aspen Hall.

Visitor Parking

Visitors are welcome at the Fort Lewis College Campus.  Permits may be purchased as mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

  • Admissions Lot adjacent to Kroeger Hall is for Admissions visitor parking only.
  • Metered spaces are also available, at a rate of $0.50/half-hour.  2-hour metered spaces are available in the following lots: Art Lot, Education/Business Hall Lot, Center of Southwest Studies Lot ,  Union Visitor Lot, and Berndt Lot.
  • The locations of metered spaces are noted on the campus map.
  • Students, faculty and anyone who works on campus will be fined $30.00 for parking in visitor spaces.

ALL VEHICLES PARKED IN METERED SPACES MUST PAY FOR METERED PARKING, including vehicles with parking permits.  Vehicles exceeding the paid 2-hour time limit will be ticketed or towed.

Handicapped Parking for Disabled Persons

Fort Lewis College has Handicapped Parking spaces reserved for students, employees and visitors with disabilities or special needs. 

  • Documentation must be provided by persons who are temporarily disabled and need to request a temporary handicapped permit at Fort Lewis College Police & Parking Services. Call 247-7491 during regular working hours for more information.
  • Vehicles in Handicapped Parking spaces are required to display a regular parking permit along with a handicapped permit.
  • Unauthorized vehicles or vehicles not displaying handicapped permit will be fined $130.00 and/or towed.

Use of Parking Fees and Fines

Construction of parking lots, roads, lighting, striping, signs and maintenance is paid for through the sale of parking permits and the collection of parking fines. No state funds are provided; this is a vehicle user-fee method.

Unauthorized Parking/Driving Areas

  • Parking lots and parking permits are designated as “Commuter” or “Residential.”  These designations are shown on the campus map, and there are corresponding signs in the parking lots.  The fine is $30 for a commuter parking in a residential space or a resident parking in a commuter space.
  • Watch for signs designating No-Parking, Service Vehicle, or other types or reserved spaces. Hash marks on the asphalt designate No Parking zones.
  • Parking is not allowed in these areas, whether posted "No Parking" or not. Vehicles parking illegally in these spaces may be issued a citation, immobilized or towed away at the owner's expense, without notice.
  • When parking temporarily to load/unload, notify Fort Lewis College Police & Parking Services at 247-7491 or 749-6581.
  • When leaving a vehicle in an unauthorized space due to an unavoidable emergency, contact Police & Parking Services. 
  • No driving or parking on any pedestrian walkway except for maintenance or emergency vehicles.

Please click here for a schedule of parking violation fine amounts.