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Part 13 - Student-Athlete Complimentary Admission Policy

Intercollegiate Athletics must abide by NCAA and Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference regulations regarding complimentary admissions to athletic events. Your future eligibility will be affected by actions contrary to the provisions of NCAA Bylaw {}.

  1. Complimentary Admission to Student-Athlete’s Sport (Regular Season Home Games)

    • Each athlete is entitled to four (4) admissions for regularly scheduled home intercollegiate athletic contests, respective to their sport. 
    • These admissions can be provided to family/relatives designated by the student-athlete.
    • A form for designating these individuals is available for each student-athlete to sign prior to each home event. The athletic department will have the forms for each home game and must be filled out by 4:00pm the day preceding the event.
    • The designated individuals will receive this complimentary general admission by having their name on the pass list for entrance. The person receiving admission will be required to show photo I.D.
  2. Complimentary Admissions to Student-Athlete’s Sports (Road Games)
    • The Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference policy states that “There shall be no complimentary admissions to any conference regular season contest or championships event in those sports that charge admission.” {RMAC Code 303.4B}.
    • On occasion complimentary admission for student-athlete guests (4 tickets) will be available for non-conference road games. This is dependent on the home team’s ticket policy and the game contract. 

Student-Athlete’s Admission to Other Sports

  • Student-athletes may be admitted to all FLC regularly scheduled home intercollegiate athletic contests in the same manner as other FLC students.

Post Season or Outside Sponsored Events

  • There are no complimentary admissions to outside sponsored tournaments or post-season tournament events hosted by Fort Lewis College. Fort Lewis College must adhere to the complimentary admission policies established by the sponsoring agency or mandated by NCAA rules for post-season tournaments.

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