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Part 16 - Student-Athlete Private Transportation

Approval Form

When staying overnight in conjunction with team travel, all team members (student-athletes, coaches and support staff) are expected to stay in the designated hotel with the team – not with parents or other parties.

Any exception to this policy must be approved in advance of the trip by the Athletic Director or his/her designee.
After a student-athlete has completed his/her competition(s) and has been released by the head coach or his/her designee, the student-athlete may return home with their spouse, parent(s) or legal guardians separate from the team. All other team members must return with the official team party.

A signed and dated approval form must be on file in the athletic office at least 24 hours prior to departure from campus for the appointed trip. There are no exceptions.

This form must be signed and dated and on file in the Athletics Office no later than 24 hours prior to departure from campus for each contest/event listed below. If it is not, the student-athlete will be required to return with the official traveling party.

An approval form is required for each trip. There are no blanket approvals. Please see Associate Athletic Director, Lynne Andrew for this form.

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