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The Policy Library is the repository of documents essential to the fulfillment of Fort Lewis College's purpose as a public institution of higher education. Compliance with state law and policy, federal law and policy, and the Higher Learning Commission's requirements for accreditation, as well as best practices in higher education, create the context for our actions as an institution.

This website, maintained by the Office of the President, is a good faith effort to accurately present the policies of Fort Lewis College in a way that is useful for the campus and the general public.

The Policy Library is subject to change without notice. Any questions or comments can be directed to the Policy Librarian .

Policies by Category

Academic Policies

Policies related to
teaching, learning and
scholarly activities.

Advancement Policies

Policies related to
capital campaigns, other
fundraising and alumni

Athletic Policies

Policies related to
varsity athletics, club,
and intramural sports.

Business and Finance Policies

Policies related to
accounting, budget,
finance, purchasing
and travel.

Ethical and Responsible Conduct Policies

Quick guide to anti-
discrimination, and
ethical and responsible
conduct policies for
employees, students,
and vendors.

Facilities and Physical Plant Policies

Policies related to
grounds, buildings, 
and Physical
Plant Services.

Governance Policies

Board of Trustees,
administrative, faculty,
and student governance

Information Technology Policies

Policies related to the
institution's computer

Mission Statement

Policies related to the
overall mission of
Fort Lewis College. 


Policies related to
operational areas that
have not been otherwise
categorized in the Policy


Personnel Policies

Policies related to faculty,
staff, and student


Public Information Disclosure Policies

Policies related to the
institution's obligation for
and commitment to

Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures

Quick guide to policies
required for accreditation
by the Higher Learning

Safety and Health Policies

Policies related to
safety and health on

Student Policies and Procedures

Student Handbook
and policies and
procedures of
direct relevance to

Quality Assurance Policies & Procedures

Quality Learning Assured


Quality Assurance Policies & Procedures

Assumed Practices

Criteria for Accreditation

Obligations of Affiliation

Federal Compliance

  • Assignment of Credits, Program Length, and Tuition - Academic Credit Hour,
  • Institutional Records of Student Complaints -
  • Publication of Transfer Policies -
  • Practices for Verification of Student Identity -
  • Title IV Program Responsibilities -
  • Required Information for Students and the Public -
  • Advertising and Recruitment Materials and Other Public Information -
  • Review of Student Outcome Data -
  • Standing with State and other Accrediting Agencies -
  • Public Notification of Public Opportunity to Comment -

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