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Site Project Log - User Instructions:

  1. When working on any policy in the library; ALWAYS add what was done to the Policy Library Log
  2. BEFORE including a policy in a Policy Librarian FLC-Official-L announcement - have an email from the policy creator approving the policy.

Definitions and Responsibilities:

(no bullets) First section bold: second section not bold

Label/Tag Naming Conventions

  1.  Homepage – The homepage appears at the top of the navigation list because of the label "home." Use the "home" label only on the wiki space homepage. 

  2. Policies Under Development – Live in their final location but show up under "Policies Under Development" due to 'under-dev' tag or label.

  3. Recently approved policies -- label = recently approved

  4. Toolkit Policies - Live in their final location but show up under in the Toolkit due to the 'toolkit' label.
  5. Approved -- pending finalization of technical issues – label = tech-ref
  6.  Under Revision -- label = under-rev

 Printing a policy

    1. Log into the wiki using CAS
    2. Click on the 'Tools' button in the upper right corner of the screen"
    3. Choose 'View Source' (document will open in a 'View Source' window)
    4. Right click in the 'View Source' window and select 'Print'

Policy Naming Conventions

A. Category Abbreviations

  • ACAD - Academic policies
    • ACAD-STU - Academic policies for Students
    • CURR - Curricuium policies
    • FAC - Faculty policies
    • FINAID - Financial Aid policies
    • INSTC - Instructional policies
  • BUS - Business Policies
    • ACCT - Accounting service policies
    • BGT - Budget policies
    • FINAD - Finance and Administration policies
    • PUR - Purchasing policies
    • TRAV - Travel Policies
  • FA-SAFE - Facilities/Safety policies
    • FACIL - Facilities policies
    • PP - Physical plant service policies
    • SAFE - Safety policies
  • GOV - Governance policies
    • BOT - Board of Trustees
    • PRES - Presidential policies
  • HR - Human Resources
  • IT - Information Technology
  • OPER - Operational policies
    • CSS - Center of Southwest Studies policies
    • CCH - Community Concert Hall policies
    • GO - General Operational policies
    • IR - Institutional Research policies
    • MC - Marketing and Communication policies
    • SRFR - Sponsored Research and Federal Relations policies
  • STU - Student policies
    • DS - Disability Service policies
    • EO - Equal Opportunity policies
    • PAR - Parking Policies

B. Numbering Convention

  • Example: BOT-0001

Tan Table Cells

  1. Use this code to create a dark tan table header cell <td colspan="1" style="background-color: rgb(227,214,194);">
  2. Tan table headers are formatted with H2
  3. Do not use the word "Policy" in tan table headers

Page tags/labels

Policy owner will always appear as the first tag.

Each policy will include labels/tags to make finding individual policies easy.

  1. Individual policy labels/tags will include:
    1. Policy title - for example; dogs on campus (note; all words lower case with a space between each)
    2. Owner - who the policy belongs to; chose from these options:
      1. adv (Advancement)

      2. bot (Board of Trustees)

      3. president

      4. pvpaa (Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs)

      5. vpa (Vice President for Advancement)

      6. vpfa (Vice President for Finance and Administration)

      7. vpsa (Vice President for Student Affairs)

      8. vpia (Vice President for Institutional Advancement)

    3. First letter of policy title (to make A to Z list work)

 PAGE TAG EXAMPLE: dogs on campus vpsa d

Handbook/Policy Rules

  1. No handbook can be the publication source of a policy.

This logo is embedded into the official Policy Library Template.

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