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Policy Template

Policy Title:    The title should accurately reflect the policy content in as few words as possible.  Avoid acronyms as well as the words “Fort Lewis College,” “college,” and “college-wide.”

Policy Summary: Type in one-sentence summary of the policy statement.


Effective date:   Target date for implementation of policy (immediately upon approval, beginning of next academic year, etc.)


Policy Statement:  Concise statement of the policy.   Organize multi-point policy statements using this format:  1.A.i.a.


Reason for Policy:  Specify the primary reason for this policy.  Typical reasons are specified in Section 1.A. of “Development, Approval, and Review of Academic and Administrative Policies.”



For following policy:  Identify who must comply with the policy (e.g., all employees, cost center directors, students, etc.)

For enforcement of policy:  Title of individual(s) with responsibility to enforce the policy.

For oversight of policy:  President, Provost,  Vice President for Finance & Administration, Vice President for Student Affairs, or Vice President for Advancement. 

For notification:  Policy Librarian

For procedures implementing policy:  Title of the individual(s) with procedural responsibilities.  


Definitions (Optional):

In an alphabetical listing, define terms that have specialized or particular meaning in the policy.


Procedures (Optional):

Procedures may be listed here, hotlinking to procedural forms on a website, a Microsoft Word doc,  or a PDF.


Cross-Referenced Policies (Optional):  In an alphabetical listing, identify by title statutes, regulations, and institutional policies that have been referenced in this policy.


Consequences of Non-Compliance (optional):   Specify consequences for individuals who must follow the policy if they do so.

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