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Radiation Safety

Policy Summary

To ensure all laboratory supervisors, laboratory coordinators and students are properly protected and trained to use radiation producing machines and radioactive source materials.

Policy Owner

Vice President for Finance and Administration

Approval Date

October 4, 2017

Effective Date

October 4, 2017

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Scheduled for Review

Fall 2022

I. Policy Statement

Laboratory supervisors, laboratory coordinators and students who work with, or around x-ray producing machines and radioactive source materials must be trained prior to using the equipment or source materials. X-ray producing machines must be registered with the state and inspected by a qualified state inspector in accordance with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Radiation Regulation 6 CCR 1007 Part 02. Training must be accomplished prior to using the machine according to regulations issued by the State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the equipment manufacturers, and the training information contained in the Fort Lewis College Radiation Safety Program. 

The general responsibilities as outlined in the Radiation Safety Program include:

  1. The campus Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) establishes policies and procedures related to radiation safety and the radiation safety program and will be chaired by the Dean of Arts and Sciences.
  2. Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Office is responsible for surveillance of all uses of radioactive materials and radiation-producing machines. EH&S provides consultation and radiation safety services in conformance with accepted policies and standards, government regulations, license conditions, and national radiation protection standards and recommendations.
    1. Director, EH&S - is responsible for reviewing campus performance regarding policies and procedures of all environmental health and safety programs not specifically assigned elsewhere.
    2. Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) is responsible for administering the radiation safety program. The RSO is a member of the RSC and has the authority to immediately terminate any operation involving the use of radiation which in his/her judgement presents a significant hazard to the health and safety of college students, employees, visitors and the general public.
  3. Purchasing Department.  The Purchasing Director will designate a buyer who is responsible for control of the acquisition, through established procedures, of all radioactive materials and machines capable of producing ionizing radiation. The designated buyer is an ex-officio member of the RSC.
  4. Deans and Department Chairs are responsible for review and approval of proposed uses of radioisotopes and radiation producing machines within their jurisdiction. Approval signifies the department will provide the resources necessary to control hazards and will assist in the enforcement of college and governmental standards and regulations.
  5. Responsible Faculty Member or Principal Investigator (RFM-PI) is personally responsible for compliance with campus and governmental regulations as they pertain to his/her authorized use of radioactive materials or radiation producing machines.

The RSO must be notified well in advance (60 - 90 days) when a radiation source will be brought onto campus, unless it is acquired through the College Purchasing Department, in which case the RFM-PI will already have been authorized by the RSC to receive the material.

Detailed training information is found in the Radiation Safety Program document and follows guidelines established by law. 

Personnel monitoring devices will be worn by users of any handheld or stationary radiation producing equipment. These devices include body badges and finger rings. The RSO maintains all personnel monitoring records. RFM-PIs must provide all prior records of radiation exposure. Radiation exposure results will be reported within 30 days of receipt from an approved laboratory. The RSO will review and record personnel monitoring results at least quarterly.

Rooms, areas, and equipment where radioactive materials are used or stored must be clearly marked with appropriately worded and designated standard radiation signs.

Laboratory inspections will be announced or unannounced and conducted by the RSO.

II. Reason for Policy 

Compliance with federal and state regulations and mitigation of risk in work areas where radioisotopes and radiation producing machines are used.

III. Responsibilities 

For following the policy: All employees and students

For enforcement of the policy: Radiation Safety Committee, Radiation Safety Officer

For oversight of the policy: Vice President for Finance and Administration

For notification of policy: Policy Librarian

For procedures implementing the policy: Department chairs of Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, and Physics and Engineering.

IV. Cross-Referenced Policies

    1. 6 CCR 1007, Radiation Regulations, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division.
    2. Fort Lewis College Radiation Safety Program

V. Consequences of Non-Compliance

The department chair in consultation with the dean (RSC Chair) will determine appropriate consequences for non-compliance according to the provisions in the Faculty Handbook, Part II, Section 17, "Dismissal and other Disciplinary Actions." Disciplinary action up to and including termination as described in the Classified Employees Handbook, Exempt Employees Handbook.