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Responding to Media Inquiries


This policy is designed to assist Fort Lewis College faculty, staff and students in making decisions regarding a response to inquiries from media outlets. The policy specifies the officially designated spokespersons for the College and its various offices and organizations.


In situations where members of the media contact Fort Lewis College faculty or staff for comment, faculty and staff are free to respond to these inquires as they feel it is appropriate and if they feel comfortable doing so. The FLC Public Affairs Office exists to assist faculty and staff in responding to media inquiries. Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the FLC Public Affairs Office when they receive requests from the media.

When FLC faculty and staff speak to the media, that communication represents the personal opinions, insights and/or expertise of the individual. Faculty and staff are free to identify themselves as employees of Fort Lewis College.

Faculty and staff, unless so designated by the President of Fort Lewis College as a spokesperson, should not characterize themselves as official representatives of Fort Lewis College, or represent themselves as acting on behalf of the College. The only authorized spokespersons for Fort Lewis College are the Chair of the Board of Trustees for Fort Lewis College, the President of Fort Lewis College, and the Fort Lewis College Public Affairs Officer.

Vice Presidents, Deans, the Faculty Senate President, and others as designated by the President, Vice Presidents, Deans or Faculty Senate President may act as spokespersons for their particular organization, office, department, or area. Everyone acting as a spokesperson for a College organization, office, department, or area must be a current employee of the College.


Fort Lewis College students, as with FLC faculty and staff, are free to answer inquiries from the media with personal opinions, insights and/or expertise and are also encouraged to contact the FLC Public Affairs Office for guidance and information. FLC students may identify themselves as students of the College.

The President of the Associated Students of Fort Lewis College is the only person authorized to represent and act on behalf of the FLC student body. The President of ASFLC may designate another student to fulfill the spokesperson role as needed and as appropriate.

Registered Student Organizations may also designate a currently elected officer or current FLC advisor of that RSO to act as spokesperson for that particular Registered Student Organization. Everyone acting as a spokesperson for a Registered Student Organization must be a current student or employee of Fort Lewis College.