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Excerpt from State of Colorado Personnel Rules and Procedures (last revised January 1, 2015):

"Board Rule 1-13. No employee is allowed to engage in any outside employment or other activity that is directly incompatible with the duties and responsibilities of the employee’s state position, including any business transaction, private business relationship, or ownership. The employee is not allowed to accept outside compensation for performance of state duties. This includes acceptance of any fee, compensation, gift, reward, gratuity, expenses, or other thing of monetary value that could result in preferential treatment, impediment of governmental efficiency or economy, loss of complete independence and impartiality, decision making outside official channels, and disclosure or use of confidential information acquired through state employment. Incompatibility includes reasonable inference that the above has occurred, may occur, or has any other adverse effect on the public’s confidence in the integrity of state government.

A. If the employee receives any such form of compensation that cannot be returned, it is to be immediately turned over to the appropriate state official as state property except for the following. The employee may accept awards from non-profit organizations for meritorious public contributions. Honoraria or expenses for papers, demonstrations, and appearances made with approval of the appointing authority may also be kept if the activity occurs during a holiday, leave, a scheduled day off, or outside normal work hours.

B. An employee shall give advance notice to the appointing authority and take necessary steps to avoid any direct conflict between the employee’s state position and outside employment or other activity.

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