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Transfer Credit Policies - Graduate

Students who have completed graduate-level courses application to their degree or certificate program may have those credits evaluated for transfer. The maximum number of credits accepted for transfer will be nine credits for a graduate degree program and six credits for a graduate certificate program. Credits will not be accepted for transfer if the course was not completed at a regionally accredited college or university with a comparable program; the course grade was less than B-; the course was completed more than six years prior to the date of admission; and the course was used to fulfill requirements for a previously earned degree.

Departments evaluate prior coursework on a case-by-case basis. The department may require a course syllabus to make a recommendation. Students will be notified of the department’s recommendation via email. The department’s recommendation will be reviewed following the standard policies and procedures of the Registrar’s Office. This review will be completed in four to six weeks after receipt of the official transcript(s) from the department. The Registrar’s Office will send official notification of the transfer of credit by email. Grades of credits accepted for transfer will not be included in the calculation of the Fort Lewis College grade point average.