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File: Academic Policies > Scheduling Policies


Policy Summary 

This policy establishes how the waitlisting function will be utilized at Fort Lewis College.

Policy Owner

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Approval Date

July 28, 2015 

Effective Date

Spring 2016 

Search Terms

 pvpaa, w, waitlisting 

Scheduled for Review

 Spring 2020 

Policy Statement

  1. Students will be allowed to waitlist for a closed section of a course, subject to the limitations specified in Section 2.
    1. All sections of all undergraduate courses will have a waitlist opened when the section’s enrollment limit has been reached, excepting:
      1. Science lecture course sections with linked labs taught by a different or multiple instructors.
      2. Course sections approved in the scheduling process to be Instructor Permission only.
    2. The waitlist will be set at 50% of the enrollment maximum.
    3. All waitlists will be cleared and the waitlisting function suspended at 11:59 p.m. on the Friday of the first week of classes during a Fall or Spring semester and 11:59 p.m. on the first day of classes during a Summer session.
  2. Students will be allowed to waitlist for a closed section of a course, subject to these limitations:
    1. Students may not waitlist for a section of a course if they are already registered in another section of that course.
    2. Students may not waitlist for more than one section of a course.
    3. Students may only waitlist for a course if they meet all course prerequisites and co-requisites.
  3. Students on a waitlist will receive “first come, first serve” access to seats that become available in the waitlisted section.
  4. Students must register themselves within 36 hours when they are notified via their Fort Lewis College email account that they may enroll.   The time allowed is reduced to 24 hours during the first week of classes for a Fall and Spring semester and will be reduced to 24 hours during the first day of classes for a summer session, with the exception of students with schedule locks, who will be registered by the Director of Student Success or a designee into pre-authorized course sections.
    1. Students must resolve any time conflicts between their currently registered courses and a waitlisted course section for which they are eligible to enroll within the time allowed.
    2. Students who do not enroll during the time allowed will be dropped from the waitlist  They may re-waitlist.
  5. While the waitlisting function is in use, no other mechanisms to add a student to a closed class can be used (e.g., schedule modification forms or email requests).

Reason for Policy 

This policy provides an efficient mechanism for students to gain entry into a closed course for which seats become available and provides accurate student demand information to departments chairs and deans.


For following the policy:  Students, faculty, department chairs, and dean’s staff

For enforcement of policy:  Registrar

For oversight of policy:  Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

For notification of policy:  Policy Librarian

For procedures implementing the policy:  Registrar