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Policy identification number: To Come

File: Ethical & Responsible Conduct Policies / Anti-Discrimination Policies

Grievance Procedure

Policy Summary

These Procedures are used to handle complaints filed under the following five Fort Lewis College policies:
1. Sexual Misconduct Policy
2. Student Conduct Policy
3. Discriminatory Harassment Policy
4. Disability Anti-Discrimination Policy
5. Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy

Policy Owner

Vice President for Student Affairs

Approval Date

Approved by President's Cabinet, August 24, 2016
Approved by the Board of Trustees, October 7, 2016

Effective Date

August 29, 2016

Search Terms

vpsa, grievance, procedure

Scheduled for Review

Fall of 2020

Reason for Policy 

Policy Statement

  1. General
      1. These Procedures are used to handle complaints filed under the Fort Lewis College
        Student Conduct Policy, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy, Sexual
        Misconduct Policy, Discriminatory Harassment Policy, and Disability AntiDiscrimination

      2. Respondent may not opt for an alternative grievance procedure from Faculty
        Handbook or Exempt Staff Handbook. No complainant will be permitted to
        simultaneously file a complaint under these procedures and a grievance under the
        State of Colorado Personnel Board Rules or the Faculty Handbook against the same
        individual arising out of an identical set of facts.


      1.  Disciplinary Authority. The disciplinary authority is the individual who has the authority or delegated authority to impose discipline upon a particular employee, faculty member, or student.
      2. Working Days. Working days are those days when the administrative offices of the College are open.

      3. Complaint. Complaint means a report of discrimination, misconduct, or retaliation submitted as described below, in Section 3.


    For following the policy:

    For enforcement of the policy:

    For oversight of the policy:

    For notification of policy:

    For procedures implementing the policy:



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