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Cross-Referenced Policies 

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I. Policy Statement

  1. Fort Lewis College meets federal requirements for a 30-week academic year as set forth in 34 CFR 668.3 by scheduling a 14-week instructional period followed by a final examination week in its Fall and Spring semesters.
  2. All courses assigned the following instructional types as defined in Academic Credit Hour policy that are scheduled to meet for a full term (14 weeks) must meet during the final examination week:
    1. Art studio

    2. Field experience

    3. Laboratory (standalone onlybut only if standalone, i.e., without corequisite lecture)

    4. Lecture

    5. Music studio, ensemble

    6. Physical education and recreation

    7. Recitation

    8. Web enhanced/blended and hybrid

    9. Online

  3. The meeting during final exam examination week must be in the same format as the meetings during the full term.
  4. The meeting during final exam examination week must be at the day, time and location assigned as published on the Registrar's Office website.
    1. Themeeting schedule for final examination week meeting schedule is approved by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.
      1. Requests to change the final examination meeting schedule may be made following a procedure established by the Provost.
      The final examination meeting schedule will be published on the Registrar’s Office website.
  5. Students will be informed of their obligations to attend a mandatory meeting during final exam examination week and the day, time, and location of the that meeting through:
    1. A note on the course schedule.
    2. A statement in the course syllabus.

  6. Instructors who are unable to hold a mandatory final examination meeting due to illness, injury, the death of a relative, or another special circumstance, are required to notify the Department Chair and the Dean.

Reason for Policy 

This policy clarifies for instructors and students in specific types of courses , of their institutional responsibility to meet during final exam examination week.

Consequences for Not Following Policy

Failure of an instructor to hold a required meeting during final examination week will be considered adequate cause for disciplinary action under Part II, Section 17 of the Faculty Handbook.


For following the policy: Faculty and students
For oversight of the policy: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
For enforcement of the policy: Department Chairs and Deans
For notification of the policy: Policy Librarian
For procedures implementing the policy: Provost, Registrar, and Chair of Uniform Scheduling Committee

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