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Policy identification number: To Come

File: Marketing and Communication Policies

Project Management & Production (under review)

Policy Summary

This policy outlines the process by which client projects are moved through the Creative Services production process.

Policy Owner

Vice President of for Institutional Advancement

Approval Date

Under review.March 2, 2016

Effective Date

Upon final approval.March 1, 2016

Search Terms

p, vpia, creative, services, project, management, production

Scheduled for Review

Spring 2021

Policy Statement

Project management:

  1. The Creative Director, in consultation with the Vice President for Advancement, selects, prioritizes, organizes, and manages projects and creative resources in the Creative Services pipeline and flow.
  2. The Creative Director is the gatekeeper of the OCS project pipeline. All projects are accepted, delegated, monitored, proofed, and released by the Creative Director in consultation with the Vice President of Advancement.
  3. Projects are managed in order to maximize outcomes.
  4. The client will appoint a point person responsible for:
    1. assuring projects are approved and funded
    2. compiling and presenting project outcomes 
    3. receiving and distributing drafts as needed
    4. collecting, compiling, and returning edits and feedback to OCS 
    5. securing appropriate client release for the completed project

Project pipeline:

  1. Project requests
    1. Major projects from the Advancement, Admission, and President's offices do not need to file project request forms.
    2. Projects requests are monitored and recorded through the use of the online ⿿project request form.⿝ (This will soon be updated to a Footprints project ticket system.) This form is presently located at
  2. Project creative plan:
    1. Before production begins, the client and relevant OCS staff will meet and agree on a creative plan that includes:
      1. goals
      2. objectives
      3. strategies
      4. responsibility division
      5. production process
  3. Project review and revisions:
    1. Once a project is in production, clients will get a limited number of opportunities to review drafts and request revisions.
    2. The client's point person shares and compiles material from the client's staff, and communicates with OCS staff.
    3. Project reviews and feedback by both OCS staff and the client are to be made via email for clarity and documentation, unless other arrangements are agreed upon during the creative planning.
  4. Project decisions and release
    1. To maintain College-wide consistency of quality and style among publications, for projects undertaken by Office of Creative Services (OCS), the Creative Director is the arbiter on decisions on design, phrasing, and style conventions.
    2. The Creative Director will give final review and release projects to the client.
    3. The client will accept the released project in writing (email) to the Creative Director before the project is sent to the printer.

Project prioritization:

  1. Clients with priority access to Creative Services production pipeline are [by alpha]:
    1. Admission Office
    2. Division of Institutional Advancement
    3. President's Office
    4. Needs of the Strategic Plan
    5. Vice Presidents
  2. For all other clients on campus, requested projects are moved into production on an as-can basis based in large part on the following variables:
    1. Academic departments, student-servicing organizations, and Tier III RSOs are prioritized over others.
    2. Degree to which projects that are â¿¿outward facing⿝ â¿¿ those targeting off-campus audiences are prioritized over materials targeting the campus community. 
    3. Deadline and resource availability
  3. Any project from outside Admission, Advancement, or the President's Office may be put on hold or declined at the discretion of the Director of Creative Services, in consultation with the Vice President of Advancement, based on available creative resources and the production queue.
  4. The Creative Director will manage the timing and flow of project production.

Project costs:

  1. Services for projects are available for no charge, however, costs for product printing, shipping, and other third-party production services and products are covered by the client.
  2. For projects other than those for Admission, Advancement, and the President's Office, projects must be approved and budgeted for before production begins.

Reason for Policy 

This policy helps to manage the creative pipeline in order to take full advantage of the resources available to Fort Lewis College in support of the campus and assigned priorities.


For following policy: staff, faculty, and students who request services from the Office of Creative Services

For enforcement of policy: Director of Creative Services

For oversight of policy:  Vice President for Institutional Advancement

For notification of policy: Policy Librarian

For procedures implementing policy: Director of Creative Services 


Terms that have specialized or particular meaning in this policy include:

Academic departments - refer to professional staff and faculty, not students.

Student-servicing organizations - are organizations that provide support services directly to students on campus.

Tier III Registered Student Organizations - are RSOs that have professional staff and receive annual budgets from ASFLC 

Client -is the on-campus organization requesting OCS services.