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11-13: External Data Reporting

Issued: 8-04


To establish a college policy to ensure accuracy and consistency of college data reported to federal, state, and national agencies.


A. All data reports required by the federal and state government, and national publications will be reviewed by the Office of Institutional Research at least one week prior to required submission. Such reports include, but are not limited to:


  • National Center for Education Statistics
  • Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System: Institutional Characteristics, Completions, Employees by Assigned Position, Fall Staff,
  • Salaries, Enrollment, Finance, Student Financial Aid, and Graduation Rate Survey
  • Equity in Athletics
  • Teacher Education Title II
  • Clery Act Crime Statistics Summary
  • State: Colorado Commission on Higher Education
  • SURDS: Student Enrollment File, Undergraduate Applicant File, Degrees Granted, Teacher Education, Student Financial Aid
  • FTE Student Enrollment Report
  • Affirmative Action
  • B-2 Extended Studies
  • Quality Indicator System: institutional support, faculty productivity, PLACE/PRAXIS scores, GRE scores. CPA exam scores
  • Colorado Mentor


  • Surveys that the college chooses to participate in including AAUP, CUPA, Common Data Set, US News, College Board, Petersonâ¿¿s
  • Data used for the national market including web and print materials.

B. Originating departments are responsible for retaining replicable procedures to document how data were derived and make these procedural documents available to the Office of Institutional Research upon request.

All source documents will be kept in compliance with the FLC Records Management Manual.

If the originating department is unsure if an external report falls under this policy, the department will request clarification from the Office of Institutional Research.

Progress reports for grants are excluded from this policy though review by the Office of Grants Management is strongly encouraged.

Approved by the Presidentâ¿¿s Cabinet (August 18, 2004)