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6-9: Computer Lab Use and Scheduling

  • Issued: 09-2003
  • Revised: 06-2004


This policy defines who may use the general access computer labs and classrooms located on the Fort Lewis campus, describes the procedure to reserve these facilities, and explains charges associated with such use.


This policy was reviewed and approved by the President's Cabinet.


A. Available Facilities - General access computer labs and classrooms covered by this policy are as follows:

Building/Room Equipment

  • Art 164: Classroom 21 stations, Macintosh, 1 CMP (ceiling mounted projector)
  • Art 164: Open Lab 11 stations, Macintosh
  • Education/Business Hall 7: 16 stations, Windows
  • Education/Business Hall 10: 74 stations, Windows
  • Education/Business Hall 30: 31 stations, Windows, 1 CMP
  • Education/Business Hall 34: 31 stations, Windows, 1CMP
  • Berndt Hall 570: 25 stations, Windows, 1 CMP
  • Noble 120: 25 stations, Windows, 1 CMP
  • Reed Library 2E: 39 stations, Windows, 2 CMPs
  • Reed Library 2D: 17 stations, Windows, 1 CMP
  • Reed Library 1: 20 stations, 1 Macintosh, 19 Windows
  • Jones Hall 109: 36 stations, 6 Macintosh, 30 Windows
  • JonesHall 163: 25 stations, Windows, 1 CMP

B. Categories of Use - Categories of approved use of these computer facilities include:

1Scheduled credit classes
2Reservations for student or employee training
3Other College sponsored activities
4General open access with valid FLC computer account

Category number also represents the priority assigned to that particular category of use. For example, Category 1 uses (regularly scheduled classes) take precedence over Category 2 uses (facility reservations for training sessions with students or employees). However, all categories of use are not permitted in all facilities (see Section C).

Uses that do not fall into an approved use category are not allowed. Outside agencies desiring access to the facilities should seek sponsorship through the Office of Extended Studies or other College program. Fees in addition to those specified under this policy may apply, depending on the particular sponsoring program.

C. Reservation Procedure - The following grid describes permitted use categories by room. Permitted uses are effective beginning with the fall 1997 semester, and are reviewed in April of each year to be effective the following academic year.

Building/RoomPermitted Use Categories
Art 164 Classroom1, 2, 3, 4
Art 164 Open Lab4
Education/Business Hall 74
Education/Business Hall 104
Education/Business Hall 301, 2, 3
Education/Business Hall 341, 2, 3
Berndt Hall 5701, 2, 3, 4
Noble 1201, 2, 3, 4
Reed Library 2E1, 2, 3, 4
Reed Library 2D2, 4
Reed Library 14
Jones Hall 1094
Jones Hall 1631, 2, 3, 4


Scheduled credit classes (category 1) are reserved through the Records Office (x. 7366). Advance notice adequate to allow publication of course availability is required. All other uses are arranged on a first-come first-served basis by contacting the Call Center (x. 7444) or submitting an online request at Such reservations may be made in advance, but not prior to the establishment of the regular schedule of credit courses and with at least one week's advance notice.

D. Usage Fees.

Facility usage in categories 1, 2, and 4 is funded through the College General Fund (including the student Academic Information Technology Fee and other sources).

Category 3 usage requires payment of a facility fee. The amount of the fee is intended to recover the costs incurred to make the facility available, including staff time, supplies, and amortization of equipment. The current fee is established at $60 per reserved hour, which applies to any facility available for category 3 reservations. A receipt of payment or budget code must be received in order to confirm category 3 reservations.

The facilities are made available on an as-is basis. Lab personnel will perform no additional software installation or configuration of the equipment. Facility users are not permitted to install software or alter equipment configurations.

In addition, individual category 3 users accessing the facilities beyond the reserved time must pay a prorated amount based on twice the current fall or winter full-time student AIT fee. The amount of the fee will be prorated on a weekly basis. The individual pays fees at the Cashier's Office. Receipt from the payment is presented to the Lab Coordinators in room 36 Education Business Hall, where the account providing access is assigned.

Proceeds from the collection of category 3 usage fees will be credited as AIT fee revenue, to be used in maintaining and upgrading the computer facilities.