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4-2: Employees' Children on Campus

Issued: 4-10-81
Revised: 10-11


The purpose of this policy is to define and codify policy regarding employees' children on campus during work hours.


Fort Lewis College (FLC) strives to provide a work and learning environment that helps employees and students balance the demands of work and family.  The purpose of this policy is to ensure a productive work and learning environment that complies with health and safety regulations while supporting families with children.  For the purpose of this policy, children are defined as those who are younger than 18 years old and who are not FLC students. While FLC recognizes the importance of families in the lives of employees and students, it also recognizes the potential disruption that the presence of children may have on educational and other campus activities.  Employees and students shall follow these guidelines when bringing children to the workplace or classroom.


1.  In general, the workplace and classroom are not appropriate places for children to be present on a frequent or continuing basis. The exceptional circumstances under which children may be brought to the workplace or classroom are set forth below.

2.  On a limited basis, FLC employees may bring children to the workplace under the following conditions:

  1. Children may be brought to the workplace in emergency childcare situations if an employee has no alternative childcare.  Whenever possible, employees should request approval from their supervisors before bringing children to campus.  It is understood that some emergency situations may make it difficult for an employee to secure advance approval.  In those cases, the employee should discuss the situation with his/her supervisor as soon as possible.  If the employee fails to do so, the supervisor may require the employee and child to leave the workplace.  Such arrangements made as a result of emergency childcare situations are to be temporary in nature.
  2. Children may be allowed in the workplace in non-emergency situations with the prior approval of the employee's supervisor.  Such visits should be short-term in nature.
  3. FLC employees who bring children to the workplace must supervise the children at all times.  Children may not be left unattended or with other employees, and no significant disruption of the working environment of either the parent employee, or of other employees should occur.

3.  FLC students may bring children to campus under the following conditions and restrictions:

  1. Children are allowed in instructional spaces while classes are in session only when advance permission has been granted by the faculty member in charge of the class.  Such arrangements are to be short-term in nature.  If a child becomes disruptive or the faculty member determines that course content is not appropriate for a child, the faculty member may require the student and child to leave.
  2. Children may not be left unattended or left with other employees or students at any time.

4.  Children who are suffering from a contagious illness pose a health risk to others and should not be brought to campus.

5.  Children are prohibited in areas where risks of injury or illness are in excess of everyday risks present in the workplace.  High risk areas include, but are not limited to:

  1. Any areas containing power tools or machinery with exposed moving parts or rotating equipment.  Examples of such areas are Physical Plant, some laboratories or studies, construction zones, rooftops, and weight rooms.
  2. Any areas containing hazardous chemicals, biological hazards, flammables, environmental hazards, high voltage, or unguarded sharp objects.  Examples include food preparation locations, some laboratories, or maintenance, technical or scientific workshops.
  3. Areas with excessive noise, temperatures, inadequate ventilation or pollutants.
  4. FLC vehicles, heavy duty or other motorized equipment.

6.  FLC employees and students who bring children to the workplace or classroom assume all risks and liabilities related thereto and agree to release and hold harmless the State of Colorado, the Board of Trustees for Fort Lewis College, and Fort Lewis College, its officers, faculty, employees and agent from any and all liability that may arise from bringing children to the workplace and campus.