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4-15: Equal Opportunity Data Management

* Issued: 11-00
* Revised: 7-05


The purpose of this policy is to establish a data management and retention system for the Office of Equal Opportunity.


This policy documents procedures for the management and retention of data that are used by the Office of Equal Opportunity in preparing its annual report to the Board of Trustees for Fort Lewis College.


A. "Availability" is defined as the existence of minorities or women (by percentage) in a particular job classification which is found in the general population.

B. "Under-utilization" is defined as having less representation of ethnic minorities and white women in a specific job category than would be reasonably expected by their availability. Availability data will come from an analysis of the external labor force reasonably eligible for FLC appointments.


A. Director of Human Resources will provide the Office of Equal Opportunity an annual report of the workforce which includes name, ethnicity, position held, hire date, termination date, and utilization analysis by each job position group or category.

B. Director of Institutional Research will provide technical assistance to the Office of Equal Opportunity to adapt the Doctorate Data provided by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) to the faculty position groups established at Fort Lewis College. This national availability data will be updated every two years.

C. Coordinator of Equal Opportunity will obtain and provide the NORC data to the Director of Institutional Research. After the Doctorate Data has been adapted for FLC by Institutional Research, the Office of Equal Opportunity will complete the underutilization analysis for faculty. The Director of Equal Opportunity will compile the national availability data for the Administrative and Professional Non Faculty, utilizing the U.S. Department of Education, IPEDS, "Master's degrees conferred by institutions of Higher Education." OEO will analyze this data and determine underutilization. This data will also be updated every two years.

D. State Department of Personnel provides data for State Classified based upon population and type of position.


A. An annual workforce analysis and utilization study will be conducted utilizing the data sources listed above.

B. The results of this analysis will be incorporated in the annual Affirmative Action/Diversity Report submitted to the State Board of Agriculture.

C. The Office of Equal Opportunity will retain the data records supporting this analysis for three years.